Sunday, March 19, 2017

Vietnamese Desserts Benh Thanh Market, Saigon

The multi-colored hues intermingling in a tall transparent glass stands so pretty as well as handsome. Who can resist such attractive desserts.

Our ABC and Cendol should do the same. The bowl's deep and wide cavity do the good desserts in. It can be much more attractive. The only way to get the tall glass effect is to pile the shaved ice higher. It softened quickly and the heap come down in a mess losing its color quickly as the ingredients and liquids coalesce together.

There were nuts, fruits, grains and cereals. Some sweetened, others there for richness in texture while others for the crunch and also bite. Every trip to Saigon is celebrated with one of these sinful cool tall glass.
Ben Thanh Market. Go for the corner shop with the most customers ☺

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