Friday, March 10, 2017

Awesome Banana Leaf Wrapped Chicken Soup - Central Java

Stopping at the rest stop with folks familiar with the route is always a plus. So we got off after almost 2 hours riding in a van from Semarang Airport to Pati. The aircon is bearable but aching tummies and toilet break mandated the stop.  

The "Garang Asam" is a Javanese banana leaf wrapped chicken soup. Chicken with its meat and entrails like the intestines and liver thrown in and braised in a santan (coconut milk) spicy soup! 

Pretty happy to have tasted an unique dish that I think is not easily available. The soup is full-bodied with its santan dominating the dish. But no complaints as the savory and spicy soup take the edge of the rich flavor. 

Check out the customary Tempe and Tauhu. 

Rumah Makan Pak H Ismun 
Jln. Lingkar 
Demak Jawa Tengah

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