Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sumatran Fish's Paste - Pempek Lina Palembang

This is a must eat for those in Palembang, South Sumatra. It's the Chinese Indonesian Yong Tau Foo (YTF). The form is similar but that's where it ends. The composition is quite different. Its all fish paste firstly due to cultural sensitivities. In Malaysia we have the pork mixture version especially the Hakka's ones. 

The fish paste is to my estimation mixed with flour and/or corn starch. It tasted a bit like kueh. However, I must give credit to the freshness of the ingredients. Will I be eating it again? Compare with our local YTF, taste-wise these pempeks were rather bland even though I must say that it tasted MSG-free. Even the otak-otak was neutral. 

But then again they have three different bottles of sauce which I did not use as I preferred my food as much as possible chili and tomato sauces-free. Texture wise you don't get the QQ feel. So, I will not place it as my top priority food when there again.

Jl. Letnan Jaimas No. 976, 24 Ilir, Ilir Timur I, 24 Ilir, Bukit Kecil, Kota Palembang, 
Sumatera Selatan 30114, Indonesia
Tel: +62 821 7585 5255

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