Monday, March 13, 2017

Non-stop eating at multiple stalls - Wong Fee Kee, Bercham Ipoh

The Cantonese eats non-stop. Wong Fee Kee has come through the long and winding road. Bercham New Village is almost transformed to its modern state today. And this very famous corner shop in Bercham has taken the changes in its stride.
Well most good eateries take the corner lot. This one is no exception but the feel is unpretentious new villagey. The food stalls are plentiful and customers have a lot to choose from. Ya another thing, I am always very respectful of kopitiams that have a roast pork stall weighing in. And especially one that have survived the vagaries of time. You see one, the other offerings there are invariably all good! Quality by association.

Despite our organized division of labour, we did not manage to cover all the food. There is always another time. Feel safe to order from as many stalls as you want. And it won't put a dent in your pocket. If you have a crowd with you order small portions and then re-order those that you like. We missed the porridge (offal) and the popiah.

So get your portion of new villagey Chinesey food.

552A-B, Lorong Bercham 5, 
Kampung Bercham, Ipoh

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