Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nutritious, Healthy Japanese Sweet Potatoes - A Comparison of Eight Varieties

Sweet potatoes were the 'in' food for awhile. The Japanese Purple Skin and Yellow Flesh Satsuma was very popular and its "children" are planted throughout Southeast Asia as a cash crop. It's low-carb and has lots of health benefits. Do a Google search and be surprised.

This tuber is my favourite and I enjoyed eating them whenever I can get my hands on them. Read about this famous sweet potato from Cilembu from my previous post. If you need inspiration on its efficacy, eating, baking or cooking it just do another Google. It has a large following even among the rich and famous.

I was inspired to put these sweet potatoes grown locally and overseas to the test recently after a trip to Pati, Central Java where the soil is particularly suitable for tubers. I will be comparing its prices, taste, smell and texture. During my childhood days each potato is a treat. The choices available to us are testimony of KL urbanites rising affluence. In Village Grocer alone I could find 8 different varieties for sale from RM5 to RM43.

New Zealand Organic Yellow Flesh at RM43/kg. Superior taste sweet, fragrance vanilla-like and smooth texture. The best but extremely expensive.
Red Skin Japanese Satsuma imported and at RM27/kg. Flesh was yellow, sweet and fragrant though quality lower than the NZ one. Need to steamed for up to 50 minutes to soften. Indonesian Cilembu Yellow Skin and Yellow flesh was sweet and texture was smooth. Good quality.  Sold at RM12/kg
Another Satsuma Japanese imported Red Skin and Yellow Flesh at RM20/kg. Good quality. Steaming it till soft took at least 45 minutes.
 Japanese imported. Steamed for food!
Australian Orange Skin and Orange Flesh. Imported at RM19/kg.  Very quick to soften when steamed. Taste and texture inferior to that of Japanese imported.
 Steamed organic NZ and Australian.
Local Organic at RM16/kg. Open baking. Not recommended as it was powdery. In future will wrap in aluminum foil to retain moisture.

 Imported Indonesian Cilembu at RM12/kg. Sweet. Syrup oozed out.
Local purple at RM7/kg. A bit dry in the flesh even with steaming.
Japanese variety grown in Vietnam. Imported to Malaysia. Sold at RM6/kg
Local Yellow Skin with White Flesh. Not to my liking.
Indonesian grown Japanese variety. Purple Skin and Yellow Flesh. Obviously a notch or two below NZ. Almost matched Japanese imported ones in taste, fragrance and texture. It's only RM1/kg in Pati, Java Tengah where the best tubers are.

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