Monday, March 26, 2018

Taman Connaught Big Bun Ong Kee Yap Chee May

This Big Bun is a legend in Taman Connaught. The buns are sold from the cargo bay of a truck. Its humongous and it took me 2 days to finish eating it up. It was called Yap Chee May (aka Amy Yip the Hongkong actress) Big Bun. It was a tongue in cheek description.

I measured and weighed and heaved and pushed (last 2 verbs were exaggerated). It weighed 1.1kg and measured from its widest edges 8 inches in diameter. It probably has 2,500 calories, a day's worth.

Does the taste measure up? Well, it was tasty enough and the fillings are alot while the skin if the bun was not very thick. So lots of meat and vege esp. the jicama.

My little grouse with Malaysian food - it a bit sweet. Otherwise worth a trip and many bites!

P/S I also bought 3 of their famous vegetarian bun. Its very good too. Enjoyed the well seasoned jicama which predomiates the filings.

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