Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thai Teochew Porridge - Chiangmai

Delicious can come in simple packages. Here's the proof. My Thai friend has a way of making my days filled with food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I will be spoil for choice. I was thinking that this particular menu is sale-able in Malaysia until he told me that the ingredients were not cheap.  He told me that I have to make sure the price commensurate with the materials expended.

Chinese has a strong influence in Thailand. With close to 10 million here, it is the largest Chinese diaspora group among all the nations of the world. And the Teochew makes up of about 50%. It is no coincidence that the Teochew porridge has been adopted all over Thailand. In fact, some 24 years ago, I had some incredible porridge in the western cowboy town of Mae Hon Sorn which is situated along the Myanmar border. Word has it that the late king will eat there when he was in this town.

Observe the Kangkung with garlic and Tau Cheong (Salted Bean Paste) and the pickled leek bulbs in the last 2 pictures. The second picture are also familiar: dried shrimps with julienne ginger, shallots and chilies. The third picture has the salted fish with shallots and chilies. The fourth was a fusion, local fish paste from the East (Isaan). This was an expensive dish I was told and the taste is not familiar with Malaysians. I did not asked but felt that there were quite a bit of fish sauce and also some kind on of flour added in.

Sawat di khrap and Welcome to Thailand!

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