Saturday, April 28, 2018

Appachi's Banana Leaf Curry House, Taman Sri Gombak

It takes a village to give you intel on good food and the lastest happenings in the local food scene. The bigger the network the better. We have been going to Amos Curry House and of late I was alerted by my office people to Appa'chi's (grandpa in Tamil). They are not too far away from one another. Truly, I was thrill that I have another curry option that is not Mamak.

The name connotes homely food. I was expecting nothing less. I yearned for something that originated from the home kitchen. Stuff I don't get often in run if the mill eateries. I was happy with what I got. Resam with good amount of tumeric and cummin. Spinach with dhal in a bowl and dip in gs I have not tasted before.

I was late at 2pm and missed out on their fried fish and fish and prawn curry. But I got a plate of mutton curry which is a must order ritual for me at banana leaf joints. In replacement of my fried fish I got my second choice of fried chicken. Its was tender yet well-cooked (not over-cooked)  and I am satisfied.

21, Jalan SG 3/1, Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kedia Makanan dan Minuman Sun Tho Yuen - Sungai Way

We finished out meeting in Jalan Gasing on time to beat the jam. We were seated before 6pm. The promise of good food worked up a good appetite. The call was made while on the road and the food ordered. The anticipation was killing and we don't get to eat as yet waiting for the rest to come in.

The big claypot of curry catfish head was heavenly. Simple curry made right. The taste was not overwhelming  In fact it was inviting. There was no over-indulgence in the creamy santan nor the spices. Light is right. Otherwise how are we going to eat more with the over-stuff kind of feeling. Great job. The catfish was excellent. Fresh, firm and succulent. The skin was thick but cooked till collagenly soft.

A special mention on the marmite pork belly. Sticky after caramelisation, with strong marmite infusion this is a reminder of good cooking. Control of fire at the right moment to cooked and coated thoroughly yet without burning.

The deep-fried tilapia looked ordinary but the thick succulent and omega laden stomach area made the fish very appetising. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside a skill hard to master and also not easy to duplicate for lack of necessary equipment. You just got to eat it at the Tai Chow.

The Tofu was average but the omelette and veges were prepared well and they rounded up a good balanced dinner. The 8 of us went home happy as the crowd started to come in.

454,455, Jalan SS9A/2, Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jit Ben Foo Chow Restaurant Taman Berkeley Klang

This the first encounter with full-fledged Foo Chow food. We were on a full-court press ordering three signature dishes commonly cooked at the Foo Chow's home. And we were not disappointed as our Foo Chow friend said that they tasted just like those done in Sitiawan. Foo Chow food seems to have a sour twist. Vinegar is common and so is Bamboo shoot, slice and julienne.

The red rice wine so typical of Foo Chow food it has become their mascot. Everyone knew and wanted to taste it. This is my second time, the first being in a Foo Chow home. I am fortunate. Both were really good as they use good red rice wine. The red dye reputedly from red rice fermented with glutinous rice.

Our Mee Sua was drowned in red wine and soup and with some good pieces of Kampung Chicken. Sweet, with unmistakable rice wine smell and a strong piquant taste, the broth was sweet and savoury. This should be eaten once in a while to remind us of the good food and the culture of generosity that comes with hospitality. Just take a look at the bowl. The liquid goodness was almost to the brim.

This was an interesting eat. The "Char Choy" or preserved salted vegetables (from mustard chunky base) cooked with ribs (almost boneless) and yam pieces. The ribs were were coated with batter and deep fried and then steamed with the Kai Choy and yam till its tender and soft. The combination was really fine with me as the sweet sour sauce did well to combine with the salt and brought some balance and also savouriness to the dish. You like food soft and lots of flavours this is it.
Another of my favourite sour soup. I had many in different Asian countries. The ingredients were fish maw, minced pork (some use crab meat) and bamboo shoot. Thickened a little bit with starch, this dish is always a crowd pleaser. Don't miss it. Predominantly sour it brought a refreshing note to the diners esp things got greasy, muddled and when the stomach was getting full.
A simple mixed vegetables but this was more of a common vegetarian dish. Still refreshing as the taste and smell seems familiar with my mom's cooking even though we hailed from Ipoh and are Cantonese.

35, Persiaran Rajawali
Taman Berkeley, Klang

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bakso Hunt - Indonesia

The gold standard in Mee Bakso (beef noodles) will be Bakso A Fung. It is situated at the Arrival Level of Terminal 2 Jakarta Airport. There is a business format like McDonald's and I can be assured of consistency of food and service delivery. There are 3 kinds of beef balls.

The regular type where the texture is rough and the colour is dark grey. The second is the smoother one shaped in the form of a disc. Looked and felt like the fish paste. The third are fillings in a fried Tofu. The amount is huge and I get the kick everyone I have one. This is slightly different from the regular beef balls as it tasted more savoury and perhaps I thought some salted fish powder had been mixed in. The soup was of a much lighter version. The beef was in the balls and Tofu fillings not the soup.

My next fix was at Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Terminal 1 Jakarta Airport. The broth was thicker and more beefy. If you like something mysterious and murky this is it. Those taking domestic Lion will be able to enjoy it.

The last encounter was in Tlogowungu, Central Java. I was taken to the best Bakso in town. Right at a junction, it commands traffic. It's very busy throughout the day.

And they are famous for chicken feet too and it literally flew of the box. It's pre-cooked and left in a plastic container. I thought long and hard and decided not to have it as I felt that my stomach might not be able to handle it.

Back to their Bakso. It was good and they have the light soup variety. The beefy balls were good and so were their Tofu beef fillings. Each bowl has a humongous ball of beef and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So satisfying. Their beef was smoother in texture perhaps some starch was mixed in.

Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Terminal 1 Jakarta Airport.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Amos Curry House Taman Sri Gombak

A favourite to the Indians around the neighbourhood and offices. There is a dearth of Indian food (not Mamak) around Batu Caves despite the rather large Indian population. 

This is also my favourite as I rediscover it anew. I have eaten here a couple of times the past 5 years but lately I am quite drawn to it. I will add more pics to this post as I eat.... 

The curry tasted fresh with the usage of good ingredients. It didn't taste and smell over-cooked. The piquant taste titillated the buds. They have been generous with the tomatoes or some amount of yogurt. My curry chicken was excellent. Not overdone. Tender and 'alive' to the palate. And my black pomfret was also great and has no fishy smell in which "over the shelf life" or "too long in the freezer" pomfret fish was famous for. Even deep-frying won't take care of the past its prime smell. 

Overall, a great eat - tasty with fresh ingredients and not overcooked

Fresh and a bit oily inside which is what I like. Just the taste of the dhal and onions is so refreshing. Food diversity of  carbohydrates 

Address : 17, Jalan SG 3/16, Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tong Kee Tong Yuen Desserts - Taman Berkeley, Klang

The fame of this winter solstice dessert has not spread that far yet. But they have a lot of local fans. The distance will deter those who live far even if they have heard about it. After all it is just some desserts and not a full meal. It is available only at night and the rest days are Monday and Thursday. 

When we arrived after a meal at the Foo Chow restaurant nearby, customers were milling around waiting for their orders. 

Strong Bentong ginger steeped in boiling water will soon release its pungency and spiciness into the soup. What a sacrifice! And then add plenty of Gula Melaka to balance out the strong taste and smell you get great tasting pot of brew. Now for. For the final step, waiting for the glutinous rice balls with great fillings to be dropped into the sweet soup base. 

Very good stuff and addictive. 
Black sesame and peanut fillings ready to be used as fillings with glutinous rice dough
Ginger and pandan leaves
Sweet soup base from ginger, rock sugar, brown sugar and pandan leaves steeped in boiling hot water
15A, Leboh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Authentic Dayak Food at Ruman Makan Samba - Palangkaraya Kalimantan Tengah

I have waited 12 years to come back. The food here was unforgettable and I can still remember the fragrance of the fire grill treatment and the lusage of local Dayak sauces and spices. This is the place where the top folks of this city will go. You have the governor as well as chiefs of the various governmental institutions catching a breather with great food in privacy.

Proposals to shift the capital from Jakarta to Palangkaraya has been rumored for a long time but never materialised. It is almost in the middle of Indonesia: between Aceh in the west and Jayapura in the east. The rumours have not died....

The food here is Dayak and you get the freshest. Food here get the full Dayak spices v treatment.

My favourite has to be the Helicopter Catfish. Its wild and the morsels were firm and sweet. Coupled with great sauces and grilled over fire we got the smoked smell and great taste. Then there is the patin with a good coating of spices.

The other vegan favourite of mine would be the sour Paku Pakis. It looked innocuous and simple but the taste was exquisite and the vegetable was so tender and young. And the bamboo shoot in simple thin soup was refreshing. Both allowed the vegetables taste and freshness to surface unhindered.

Wild Ikan Tapah or Helicopter Catfish
 Ikan Patin

 Common food of Indonesia - Tempe, Tofu, Bergedil
 Paku, tender and crunchy, in vinegar

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Guacamole - Homecook

I have prepared guacamole half a dozen times. Generally the ingredients portions can be varied by understanding what taste or texture you want.

Guacamole needs these basic ingredients:
1) Creamy and rich avocados crushed with some salt. These two are the bedrock of guacamole. You can enjoy with these two key ingredients.
2) Together with herby cilantro
3) Hot chilis, spicy black pepper, gives the kick
4) Pungent onions gets the dish the spine and backbone. Something hard and crunchy are needed for a variety of texture.
5) Very tart lime to get the stomach juice going gand also take away the butteryness of the avocados
6) Sweet cherry tomatoes to balance the sour lime

You can almost get away with the proportions that you want. No hard and fast rule. More tart - get the lime (limau nipis) or even for a touch of class with the kafir lime (limau purut). The fragrance is stronger. Too tart add a but more tomatoes (sweet). For a spongy filler, tomatoes play the role too. Onions are crunchy, cilantro stems have a hint of bitter and it will be a good fit with the tart and pungent. With creamy avocados with a good sprinkle of salt as creamy richness goes well with salt, the concoction is heavenly. A touch of spice from the black pepper and a few chopped up chilis will complete the job.

Thoroughly mix the following
1) 3 ripe Australian avocados
2) Salt to taste and sprinkle on crushed avocados
3) 1 medium size onions - chopped
4) 1 large tomato - chopped
5) 2 stalks of cilantro - chopped
6) 2 limes - juice sprinkle on mixture. Use kaffir lime for stronger smell
7) 3 big chilis and a few bird's eye chilis - chopes
8) A good sprinkle of crushed black pepper

I have since prepared a few more bowls of guacamole. Here is another bowl. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bread King, Summerton, Penang

Once in a little while, I get a food good surprise. Bread King has the potential to go far. I enjoyed my breakfast with my family of 5. Nice environment and ambiance, near to the Queensbay Mall. The sets were wolfed down. It was fresh and the ingredients were of quality. Its firm where you want and soft and fluffy when required.

You can see its done from scratch except for the bacon and sausages. Even these were good.

The taste were above average and came hot and appetising. What more can a breakfast be? I got perky before the long drive back to Kuala Lumpur.

110-01-08, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas,  Penang

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Restoran Batu Caves Yong Tau Foo

If you are in Batu Caves and fancy a dose of Yong Tau Foo, this is a place to go. It has stood the test of time and they are still holding the fort. We have a franchise YTF that was opened a road away but last probably a year or so. A largely industrial and SME with middle and lower middle class clientele, you can imagine the area make-up and the clientele.

I will rate this place average on food as the YTF and some accompanying dishes palatable and stomach filling. Other than that you are better off going to the Tai Chows or international fast food restaurants around the area.

The beauty of the YTF is the health part. Ya, some said the deep fried stuff is no good and I agree, but beyond that the vege and the fish paste are good to for the body.

No. 96, Jalan 1 Batu Caves Centre Point Batu Caves,