Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thai Sticky Rice Breakfast

Another unique Thai eating habit is the sticky rice as a staple carbo. This Isaanians (East) can't live without it. The Northerners love it and consistently eat them. The famous Khan Toke is eaten with sticky rice.

In this particular morning, I was awakened by the smell of the unmistakable deep-frying pork which I later found out was the neck. It was my special request when I arrived in Chiangmai the day before as I requested "Kor Moo Yang". So the sticky rice was steamed to perfection. Not lumpy and soggy. Each grain can be seen and clustered together but not so close that it cannot be parted from the rest. Eating with the hands were not messy as you don't get the starch on your fingers.

Here it is, a solid breakfast for the farmer (the sticky rice part) and the decadent urbanite seeking for a taste of good Thai food from the home kitchen.

Deep-fried tilapia - juicy meat on the inside and crisp on the surface
Deep-fried well marinated pork neck
Blanched lady's fingers, brinjal and squash together with an unknown needled from an unknown bush or tree. A good balanced diet
Handmade Green chilies paste
Dried shrimps with accompanying dried chilies and onions

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