Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yong Tau Foo - Jalan Peel, Cheras

Another day, just another meal? Not so in Malaysia. even the humble Hakka YTF can be elevated to great heights in the hawker culinary scene. I have eaten from the adjacent Wah Kiow. The main difference may not be the food but in their delivery system. Wah Kiow take your orders, while this one (no name) is self-service. You take what's availablke on the tray. The food pipe-line is a well-oiled part of the food-chain, dumping loads of the different types YTF on the trays where hungry vulktures aka customers are waiting.

 Nothing like the Hakka YTF. Loads of good fresh fish. a bit off salted fish.... Except for the oil used, it is essentially healthy food. I can eat itr almost everyday, like staple food.
 Fresh white tofu is not easy to source, except in Ipoh. It should be super soft, yet firm. Taste and smell with loads of bean for the tongue and nostrils. The attarction will be the fish paste with some 'mui heong' salted fish.
 Fresh bean curd sheets wrapping the fish paste and then deep-fried for the crunchy feel. Customers' favourite and best-seller most of the time at any YTF stalls.
 Rounding it up with Assam kembong Fish and some vinegared trotters are quite common nowadays in YTF stalls. Both will be good for the stalls as it acts as an appetiser as well as removing the stuffed-to-full feeling. Enjoyed both of it!

Address: Next to the Cheras Distict Police Station (Re-building in Progress)