Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kajang Satay at its best - Restaurant Malaysia

This Chinese own restaurant occupies a corner lot and is spacious and breezy. Nice place for something spicy so that we can keep cool. You can order Wa Tan Hor etc here besides the coffee shop fares.

The satay was what we were heading for on two (Oct 16 and Feb 17) of the weekdays. Yes twice. Why? Because the first round was really a good culinary experience despite the less than perfect ambiance. The beef satay was fabulous and the Italian couple with us was singing all the way to the moon. The beef was tender, fresh and definitely spot-on. The mutton and the chicken were also good. Well-marinated and fired to perfection.

The second round was great expectations. The same crowd. But this time it was definitely 70% of what we got during the first round. Disappointed but such are food experiences many a times. If you want consistencies go for those well-run restaurants for lesser hiccups. For example, McDonalds is the most consistent when it comes to food and you get the same consistency in all their restaurants!

Food here was from our first round in October 2016.

3-1, Jalan Semenyih, Bandar Kajang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel:+603 8733 1160

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