Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Christmasy Goan Fiery Curry Pork - Homecooking Adventures

This curry originated from Goa a tiny enclave of the Portuguese in western shore of India. It was traditionally served during Christmas time.

For this venture I used one kilogram of pork belly and "Chee Chang". Belly gave it some oil and the "Chee Chang" was a tougher cut, texture-wise. The pork was prepared and marinated with spices built from scratch (check recipe and also the photo). It was left overnight in the refrigerator. 

The preparation of the spices using the blender was tough. It has been a awhile since I cooked and the ingredients to be blended weren't exactly co-operating with me. They were stuck to the bottom and wall of the blending canister. The blender leaked juices each time I tried to turn it upside down to shake it to get the ingredients unstuck. 

The final results were quite pleasing at least to me and the guinea pigs. So far I has cooked this curry three timnes. The recipe is here.

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