Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Addictive Sarawak Noodles and Pan Mee - Face to Face Noodle House, Ara Damansara

Honestly I like noodles. All kinds. I have been to this eatery at least 4 times and have since tried quite a few of their noodles. Getting acquainted means that I keep bumping into them. There are about 30 of them nation-wide.

Their menu is simple but what I like the most was their Pan Mee, Sarawakian Noodles. They have other Cafe's fares to round up a meal for everyone but make no mistake what they are good at. I went for their Pan Mee and Sarawakian Noodles and only the dried ones. Both were excellent. Prices were reasonable. You may have the chili type and various ingenious varieties within the same genre.

I have tried the soupy bowls but not to my liking. The soup kind of comprised the noodles texture. I am not sure what you make of it but the only time I had with soup was not a good one.

Check it out and I think you could almost see the smiling happy face!

Pan Mee in its truest and delicious form. And those chilies hantus can add their fiery chilies and stir up a storm

Pan Mee Soup, found that the noodles waa slightly overdone losing the bounce. Fish cake is highly recommended. Done right with the QQ and no fish smell 
 Just can't help it but try the Fish Cake. Yummy and QQ.
Curry Laksa.
D-G-29, Jalan PJU 1a/20b, Dataran Ara Damansara 

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