Saturday, September 18, 2010

Different Faces of Genting - World Club, First World Hotel

 1. Genting Highlands at midnight shot from the World Club Room in First World Hotel.

A series of 4 opportune shots depicts Genting Highlands in my opinion at its different best. I have 'trekked'  up there numerous times for various reasons and find it mesmerising and enthralling. Probably I am still a Peter Pan at heart. In my first trip in 1982, I literally ran into the washroom at regular intervals because of the cold and used the hand-dryer to warm myself up. Twenty-eight years on Genting has prospered.

Most of Genting's buildings, renovations (Choung Sau - literal translation into Cantonese means "the banker wins") and constantly improving itself are more for maintenance and business growth. Not anymore! Down south in Singapore there is a clear and present danger of its 2 latest casino siphoning off the region's gaming players and tourist. Resort, Genting and Highlands Hotel is under stage by stage renovation towards the end of the year.

2. At 7:30am with the sun rising and its warm orange rays smacked on the face of the buildings!
3. At 8:30am, the sky reached its bluest best with the reaching an optimum angle. This shot is almost post-card perfect if shot with a good DSLR.
4. At noon and in just 12 hours it makes a 180 degree retreat and it is at its misty best, looking at the 'bright' side. This is what Genting is known for 'Wan Tant' or 'at the the top of the clouds.'
I enjoyed my stay despite being accosted by different men offering various 'services'. This is the price to pay for walking alone.
Spacious room. Will not feel crowd in!
They have given me good pillows of the variety a good hotel should have. In fact the best would be a choice of soft, medium to hard pillows.
A quick check before leaving the room.
A practical lounge to entertain and have a drink away from the crowd.
Well equipped and clean.
The tub is an excellent place to relax. Raise the curtain and get a good view of a mixed of buildings and natural scenery.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

IKEA - Any good food?

There are a few things I like about the Cafe at Ikea and I do discover some new stuff sometimes along the way. Looking at the hungry horde present at all times except for the lull in the morning, IKEA is definitely making money from this F & B outlet. In fact, in-house F & B is getting more popular as we can see these outlets in Borders, MPH, hospitals etc. It calms the hungry nerves of shoppers who may go into food-deprivation mode and make a quick getaway and not returning. Consumers can be fickle and impulsive. The key and the only key is to keep them in the store and their money will continue to roll into the cash register. Here are the F & B I like at about IKEA.

Coffee - RM2.10. Its freshly brewed and free-flowing. A coffee cup purchased at the counter will give one the privilege of endless cups of this wonderfully aromatic brew. I don't drink coffee nowadays but can only reminisce the past where I used to go in the morning to have B/F and catch up on work on the quiet.
5 Chicken Wings - RM9.45. It used to be larger but still these wings are much better than our local fast food franchise. It is meatier and marinated the way I like esp. without the batter.
15 Meat Balls - RM14.70. My son's favourite. The meat savoury and sweet fruit sauce. Yum and filling esp after walking the rounds.
West Coast Salad - RM13.55. My favourite breakfast. Light, fresh and with some shrimps and bite to start the engine.
Princess cake RM5.15. This was an excellent end to the meal. Wonderful ice-cream confined within and waiting to show itself to the world.
Chicken Curry Puff - RM1.00 for 2pcs. These piping hot pastries are a favourite to many. You can see genuine ingredients with your eyes not just a mashed up lump. But got to go down to the check-out area where the cafe is situated.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Chicken Rice - Restoran Kong Sai, Dataran Mentari, Sunway

After meeting Kong Sai Chicken Rice in many take-aways courtesy of my wife, I decided to meet them in person. Alas it was bad timing. They were closed on the Monday I went. My persistence paid off on a Sunday evening!

Golden skin with a layer of fat, full-bodied and firm flesh with very tasty meat to boot. All this with a great sauce to top it off. They menu spread has variety and reflects their hawking days in Paramount. Though the street stall has given way to a shop and over time wings sprouted and they are serving more contented customers in Mentari, Subang and Puchong.

The rice when mixed with the herbs and spices infused oil from the sauce is so tasty and aromatic. Really a luxurious version of the oil and soy sauce of yester years.
Scoop this sauce on to the chicken meat and let its herbs-and spices-laden sauce bring the best out of the chicken. Contents (coriander, spring onion, garlic, ginger cooked in soy sauce and oil).
Kei Chi and Dong Quai Chicken. I do not like the overdone chicken. But I like their overdose of overpowering herbs.The chicken came out tasting great! And the soup was great tasting too.
Who can resist "water egg"? Smooth and great tasting, rich and creamy.
The Kong Sai Stuffed Tofu was plain Jane. Still a good side-order when there is enough people to share. The stuffings were solid and packed with meat and spring onions.
Restoran Kong Sai
25, Jalan PJS 8/17, Sunway Mentari, P.J.
HP: 019-3842922

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Novotel Premier Rooms - Nathan Road, Hong Kong

My favourite hotel is Novotel. One of the main reason - it is children friendly. Anyone below 16 is classified as a child rather than commonly used cut-off at 12. Most Novotel allow for 2 children to stay and eat for free with parents. This alone can be translated into savings in dollar and cents.

Check-in at the Premier Floor where we can have a drink and relax. No crowd and no hassles.
The bedroom in Novotel Nathan Road, Hong Kong. Space is premium here but we still get some decent personal area without bumping into each other.
This Chaise Longue is good enough to sleep in and can be extended 'creatively'.
The bathroom stall with rain shower.
Premier Lounge is where we got free internet access with 2 terminals, wifi (while free cable internet access in the room), large screen HD, have a cup of brewed coffee/tea and a place to hangout.
We got our breakfast here, tea from 2:30-4:00pm and cocktails in the evening. All on the house.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun - Dataran Mentari, Sunway

Sunday afternoon at 3pm and customers were making a beeline to Ah Or for their pork noodles fix. This shop is dedicated to 100% Chu Yuk Fun. A standalone! This is against good business sense! Ah Or must be very confident that their food will sell. The beverage sales is handled by a lookalike, presumably her sister, and this sister must be very confident that the noodles will bring crowd therefore the beverage sales.

Try this RM5.00 per standard bowl pork noodles. This is as good as I can get from Brickfields and Ipoh's Zun Seng Fatt.

The egg was half-done. I like the oozy whites and the soft and firm yolk (I left it longer in the soup to get it to firm up).
The broth was pork-enriched goodness. It was thick and very addictive. Pork noodles soup has never tasted so porkilicious good. (Warning - moderate MSG).
Address: 3, Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran Mentari, Sunway.