Friday, July 21, 2017

Nam Fatt Restaurant - Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

The famous dry curry of Ipoh that is still a hit with newbies and also the old-timer like me. Took my mother and brother out for 1:30pm lunch. It's open the while day.

Of course they have different types of noodles that have graced the Kopitiam's menu official and unofficial since I can remember. OK, a bit of exaggeration here. Can't help, though I have lived n KL for 35 years, still can take the Ipoh bit out of me.

Ipoh curry is not lemakky therefore its packed with spices and its savoury rather than having a sweet bias broth. This is what I yearned for in Ipoh curry noodles.
Mixed beef slices and pieces in a double-boil bowl. Subtle without being overpowering. The radish is a must. The soup was delectable.
The famous jicama 'lieu' paste in soy skin and deep-fried. Another Ipoh an favourite. This is really good and taste of the sweet fresh jicama with a paste made of tapioca flour base. The rest are just for decoration. Just joking.
The other 'Lieu' that comes with soup. The concoction from fish paste varies where each shop has their own recipe. The pork tendon paste balls is totally out of the world. From the best memory taste that I can remember inside my cerebellum.
86C, Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainton (Jalan Kampar), Ipoh

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ler Seafood Restaurant - Ara Damansara

Since I moved to Ara Damansara, we have noted this non-descript restaurant hidden in one corner of the commercial area. Some nights esp weekend it was packed with customers. Ler Seafood has started with this township more than 10 years ago and it's was difficult times at the beginning till about 2010. Then business began to looked up looked and may just fulfilled the potentiality envisaged by the developer.

The shops's signature dish. Vinegar trotters. There is enough tender and form morsels to add to the variety of textures when eating. The tart was mitigated somewhat by the sweetness from the rock sugar. Perfect for a cold night.
Claypot-pork pig's tail with peanut. Braised to perfection. Meat and skin fell of the bones. The savoury taste was perfect in a world of sweet cuisine.
Absolute delightful. A thin crispy crust enveloping an extremely soft and luscious tofu. The minced pork added to the good experience. Unforgettable texture and taste. A must order. Do order their soy milk too. From the same stock and made for the day only. Can be kept for a day in the fridge's chiller.
A customary vege dish. Unstinting in their ingredients. Take a look at the floating anchovies and century egg.
B-G-22A, Jalan PJU 1A/20G, Dataran Ara Damansara

Monday, July 17, 2017

Little Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine - Penang

We went for a quick Vietnamese meal. I was hosted by a Vietnamese friend who wanted to point out to me the fledging Viet Khieu community in Penang. These are not illegals but the owners are legally married to locals.

The food ingredients used are mostly authentic. Unless the costs are prohibitively high, they were brought in from Vietnam.

Adapted version using the local tilapia. Meat is picked off from the fish and put on a rice paper to be rolled with other components like cucumber, 'bun' (Vietnamese thin rice noosdles), lettuce and sprinkled with 'nouc mam' (fish sauce and some with julienned carrot and radish).
This is an interesting contraption, a cheap one, but nevertheless help to organise the rice paper vertically to reduce the footprint on limited table space. The left and right slots were filled with water. The rice papers were dipped into it and rotated around to full circle to wet the dry rice completely. The reason is to rehydrate the rice paper and get it to become soft and pliable so that it can be rolled up.
Our refreshing Vietnamese Pomelo salad with pork slices 
Rounded up the meal with Camel pudding in coffee. Check out the coffee almost drawing the pudding 
37, Lebuh Melaka, George Town

Oven Baked Tangy and Savoury Salmon - Homecooking

Another day, another cooking project for the oven. Well I am not the cooking kind as I prefer the hassle-free eating out. But then the house is equipped and you got some time in your hands, why not? The plus point is, a Grocer is nearby offering really quality fish albeit expensive ones.

The interest is still there and the heart is willing. So here are the ingredients: Lemon juice, herbs and spices - basil and thyme both chopped, crushed black pepper and salt. Marinate the salmon for a few hours. Be careful with handling as the fillet may tear or breaks apart

Baked at 190°C for 45 mins or until flaky. Probably try to increase the heat to max for the last 10 mins to get the top browned. Too soft or moist is not a good texture to have as it breaks easily. Oil the baking paper or aluminium foil or else the skin will stick to it.

The final result is there to see. Evenly baked. The meat slightly flaky and the taste is a blend of tangy, savoury and sweetness (from the fish). The spices and herbs gave fragrance and taste to a superb fish that Malaysian is beginning to love and find ways to cook.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hing Loong Taiwanese Spicy Noodles - Melaka

This restaurant is packed with locals, a testimony of its entrenched position in the locale in the city. A local choice for 30 years. A few plus points here.

The noodles are home-made. This ensures consistency and quality. Though I did not find it especially outstanding, nothing beats eating 'fresh' noodles. The Taiwanese spicy beef broth is good. Savoury with beefy goodness, it rivals the Vietnamese Bo Kho a kind of beef stew in thick broth noodles.

One drawback is, big-eaters will need 2 bowls at the least to satisfy their cravings. I was told the portions have shrunk.

Finally, don't forget their deep-fried pork chop and also pig's trotter noodles. Despite, my fixation with beef noodles, the locals recommend their pork chop which is marinated well, fragrant and tasty.

11-J, Jalan Bachang, Kampung Enam, Melaka

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vegetables - Baked and Pan-fried - Homecooking

I had used the leftover olive oil and butter from pan frying ribeye Steak. Hmm... the steak's juices and butter were good for bland vegetables. Componemets: Three eggs, a few fresh and sliced button mushrooms sliced, cherry tomatoes, lots of crushed pepper and salt. No soy sauce was added as I wanted the tomatoes' taste and tart to dominate. Stir fried any wVariation if this tomatoes and eggs dish is widely available in China. It's a rather simple dish for common folks. I believed it has become a comfort food to those who grew up with it.

Baked Traffic lights capsicum, fresh mushrooms of any kind sliced but not too kind as to lose its body and feel in the mouth, cherry tomatoes, with liberal drizzles balsamic vinegar, lemon juice (not too much), crushed black pepper, salt, plenty of chopped up garlic. Use some sugar if needed to remove some of the tart. Grilled at 220°C for 5-7 minutes. Make sure there are still some crunch in the capsicum. Overcooking will make is soft.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mekong Food Bounties 3

The 3rd of the series of great homecooking from the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Bless with abundance and never have to go hungry as the river brings good fertile soil through overflowing its banks. Fishes and crustaceans came with it and not to mention the abundance of its shells, clams and snails.

The cook has in mind grilled prawns today. Big ones: succulent and sweet. One of the sweetest ever eaten. I am not surprised with those that tasted bland from the commercial side or frozen till it losed the taste? It was lightly marinated as she allowed the prawn to speak for itself. Talked she did!
I thought it was the pork neck. But then it was a bit too chewy as though the meat was very muscular. The secret came out later. It was the pig's male organ. What a way to go. Well marinated again with their fish sauce, the grill fore let it come away a winner in: taste, smell and texture.
This free range chicken was hard to eat as the meat was chewy. Very chewy. But then the taste of it's gravy sauce was to hanker for. All said, I wished it has some rice wine to give it more flavour. But then this is a non-Vietnamese speaking.
Another small uprising here. The humble Chinese cabbage took in a whole new life. It is generally used as fillers and cheap vegetable. With some vinegar and sugar it was very edible and decent. The crunch was unforgettable due to its crunchy bottom half.