Friday, March 24, 2017

Sura Korean Restaurant - Taman Sunway Batu Caves

The proprietor is very brave to open their Korean restaurant in Batu Caves. It is in the midst of a less sophisticated area. Who will give them a chance to thrive? I hope more will look at the cheaper rental and lesser competition to come over and set up store. Like it a not, they have been here for more than 2 years.

The space is welcoming and has a large hall. It's warm ambiance got us settled down quickly. The workers were fast and the grill beef was prepared quickly. We enjoyed the food. The Banchans were free and we topped up as we like. We ordered three rounds of beef. The tender beef with full-bodied beefy taste filled up our hungry stomach with some solid protein!

The soup was a staple for my friend and it's tasty and may have been double boiled for a long time as the chicken meat was falling off the bones. The meat was almost tasteless as the essence would have gone into the broth. The vermicelli and the pancake answered the call for Carbo and there we were after an hour + of good food we were ready to roll again.

Lot no.3- 69100, 1, Jalan SM 1/4, Taman Sunway Batu Caves, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

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