Thursday, February 26, 2009

NZ Curry House - Wangsa Maju, KL

NZ Curry House has been a place for the young and the old to chill out for more 10 years. Started out from a shoplot it has moved to a vacant piece of elevated land a short distance away. The temporary hangar like structure is huge with a very high ceiling. I recalled parking at the commercial area was horrendous. Here customers will never have to worry about parking as the land is big.

I ordered a Curry Fish Head that look like it was once attached to a terubok fish. Also a plate of mutton curry to fill any gaps in the stomach just in case. That would be enough for 2 pax. Off course tea accompanied the lunch.

Cost: RM42.70.

Directions: Across the road from the right of (facing main entrance) Carrefour Wangsa Maju.

The Star - Done mamk style. More spices and no or little coconut milk. Aromatic spices dominated the taste and smell.
Mutton Curry - Oily and have tasted much better.The long workarea for beverage preparation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steven's Corner, Banana Leaf Berianyi Rice - OUG, KL

Restoran Steven’s Corner
18 & 18A, Jalan Hujan Rahmat Dua, OUG,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: 603-7781 9762

This very famous mamak eatery has been around for ages and is doing very well by virtue of its good food. I was in this eatery 12 years ago. How did I remember? A significant unforgettable discussion with a colleague happened!

Back to food. It's really good. At night their tables stretches on the roadside as far as eyes can see (exaggeration here). How can he do it in the middle of a residential area where roads were narrow and population dense. I was told he donated a RM1mil to a Chinese school nearby in this predominantly Chinese area. Every year he has an open house where there are free flow of food - free.

Costs: 5 pax at RM63.00 (plus drinks)
Back to food. I have Fish Curry with generous servings (come with the set) of lady fingers. I have not had such good curry since a long time. Fish curry should smell and taste like this.

Banana leaf set at RM6.00 with nasi berianyi (meat orders charged separately)
Just off the wok Tenggiri (Mackerel) - RM12.00. Sinfully irresistible!Mutton Dry Curry, aromatic with the right blend of spices - RM6.00. Big portion.Yum yum Dry Chicken Curry - RM6.00. Looks like portion for 2. Worth it.Wonderful teh tarik. Definitely superior. And also Indian yoghurt. It's good.For Map extract it from Steven's Corner website.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kia Leong Handmade Sang Meen Noodles - Taman Ehsan, Kepong

The sang meen here are handmade. The price I paid per bowl is about RM3.50. Cheap considering there was no premium on the extra work and love put into the sang meen.

We arrived early for lunch and the crowd was already there. By 1:00pm it was full house as they are the only stall. Mostly local crowd having their healthy lunch.

Some MSG.

Directions: Caution - Be alert way ahead of time to exit the flyover. MRR2 from Batu Caves, turn right at the traffic lights after the FRIM junction (From LDP turn left before FRIM junction). Drive straight on for less than 1km and reached the roundabout. Take the 12 o'clock. 200m turn left into Jalan Ehsan 3/4. After another 100m look for parking. Next to Sek Men Keb Taman Ehsan. Shop is at corner lot along Jalan Ehsan 3/6.
Silky and soft. Look tenuous yet strong enough to hold its own without breaking when picked up. Crumble at first bite. Carbo lovers take note. Really good. The rest of the stuff are average.We shared this Chee Cheong Fun. Came with Tofu Puff, Bean Curd Skin and lots of dried tiny shrimps. Really salty shrimps but good to accompany the bland but very soft CCF.
Dry sang meen with lots of minced pork and a bowl of bean curd skin, fish and pork balls. This order was not ours. The owner saw me shooting and decided to lend me someone else's food for a brief photoshoot! Media friendly!

Ho Ho Steamboat (Ketam) Restaurant, Medan Putra, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

A lovely cool evening after prolong showers (of blessings). The little emperor decided to stay home, therefore my wife and I were unrushed. Still overcoming food'lag' I opted for something simple, using little oil, unspiced and uncurried (except for dipping sauce), fresh ingredients and clear broth. Steamboat!!

We are still discovering Medan Putra area and had eaten in Sai Gong (Tai Chow), De Pastry Chef (Cafe), Andy Grace (Handmade Noodles), Live Music (Cafe) and KopiTiam Hainam Village.

The prawns, fish chunks and the fish noodles and balls ranked very high for freshness. The broth is tasty and thick though with some MSG.

We ordered two individual set at RM13.50 each (no service and gov taxes). They have quite a bit on the ala carte menu and if spending is objections the bill can shoot over RM100 for 2-3 pax.

Direction: 86, Jalan 3/62D. Coming in from MRR2 (Kepong) turn into LDP. Turn left to Desa Parkcity. Straight on for 200m. At the Desa Parkcity roundabout take 12 o'clock and then go for the first left turn. The Ho Ho is in the 1st corner shop on our right.
The 5-foot way and also the sidewalk were packed to the brim.
The condiments are so so not so ho ho. Can do better.
The prawns, fish chunks ranked 8/10. The rest of the tofu products were so so likely bought from the wholesaler. All these are lying on a huge bed of vegetables. Too common and here again owner need some imagination to add value to customer tastes and experiences.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jade Palace - Bandar Sri Damansara Club

P/S - Replaced by Phai Lin Thai Restaurant
The smallish entrance actually opens into a spacious and big dining area and is situated within the Country Club of Bandar Sri Damansara. It is good enough to entertain as the atmosphere and ambiance are above average.

This was my third trip and we usually entertain friends and associates there. Just after CNY we have no appetite for 'big fish and big crab' as the saying goes. So three of us old schoolmates went for something simple. Food were average as with most residential country clubs.
Chicken Fillet with VegetablesFish Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onions
Mixed Vegetables

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

EcoGreen Life Cafe, Taman Tun - Revisited

Revisit has been on the cards for a while. I thoroughly missed the fresh, succulent and omega-rich fat lined mackerel. I told myself I will have 2 portions to make my visit worthwhile. The mackerel is sourced from Semporna, Sabah and preservative free. The other item I missed will be the fragrant free-range 'organic' chicken. But this has to wait.

The mackerel did not disappoint. Smooth, firm and with a good hint of fish fat.

We went for the set meal and it comes with a drink. Costs about RM10.50.

Check out my previous post.
Have a light breakfast/brunch!
Mixed fruit with wheat-germ and soya bean drink.Mackerel with brown rice. Yum. Mackerel in delicate well-balanced and tasty sauce. Sweet and sourish. Perfect with rice.Nasi Ulam with aromatic herbs and spices but without the brown rice as my wife is on non-carbo diet. She offered the mackerel to me. Check out the fiery red freshly made with raw and green taste and smell.
My second portion - Creamy Laksa, the mackerel did not come in chunks but in fine suspended form. I did not like it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Most Unconventional Romantic Places To Go

This post is dedicated to my better half for a romantic day!

Rustic Simple Slow - Central Mindanao
Many landless farmers were resettled here and some became successful. Known as the food basket of Philippines, Mindanao is fertile. Fertilize by diligence, fruits of the soil brought wealth. Hundreds of hectares per plantations. Sugarcane, pineapple, paddy and orchards. Del Monte the famous American brand has their plantation nearby. Beautiful, secluded, with lots of green a perfect hideout!
Sweet Seductive Ali Baba Marriott - Karachi Pakistan
I wished my wife is there to warm the place up. I was on transit to another city in the central Pakistan and stayed the night in this beautiful Marriott room. 2 days later Marriott Islamabad was bombed.
Riverine Meandering Discourse - Bangladesh
This river originated off the mighty Ganges in India. Slow float around this riverine nation. Life will no longer be denominated in money. Spend time not money. Spend unhurried time with one another without getting into persistent fights over money that wreck so many modern marriages. Spread some smiles in this land that has been devastated by natural disasters and also political bickering.
Quiet Deserted Privacy - Mongolia
The horses helped built one of the largest empire the world has ever seen. Beside the horses stood the equally modern and mighty Land Cruiser! It was -15 degree Celcius. I understood quickly the term "biting and bitterly cold." But it was a scene to behold: Yaks, Bactrian 2 humps camels, clear blue skies and Gers. Whether riding with Land Cruisers or horses it is great to go into the sunset with your loved ones.
Quaint Unplugged Tasty Marina Restaurant - Kolkata
Local, typical, uninspiring but tasty. A bit dirty but did not cause stomach upsets or food poisoning. The menu is displayed proudly at the door. Wide varieties. Herbs and spices do bring life and laughter when eaten and enjoyed together. Most of the food here is cheap and tasty. Variety is a spice of life.
Pastoral Pony Express - Cambodia
Buildings pockmarked (checked building on the left) with bullets and broken walls with RPG are still visible and not restored. Moved around with pony drawn transportation. The fertile and flat land of the Khmers is enriched with nutrients from the yearly flood. Enjoy Tonle Sap Lake and the huge Mekong River. Despite the rich natural resources the country were literally destroyed by war and still recovering from it. War is bad. Let's make love and not war.
Loud Crowded Dynamic - Saigon Vietnam
Not all privacy is good. We are not cave dwellers. Saigon is a great place to interact. Crowded, aggressive, loud, dynamic, vibrant and 7 plus million. Great food and the factory of USA. Eat and shop to your heart content.
Floating Water Bed - Bayung Lencir Central Sumatera
Sleep and eat on a floating hut on top of the river. Tasty Ikan Tapah caught off the river and cooked with ingredients so readily available from the gardens beside the river. Go organic, detox and have a peaceful and blissful time.
Eagle's Eye Viewderness - Kalimantan
Cessna on skis. Take-off and touch down from and on the river. Anywhere you wish to go. The wilderness beckons on this wild and mostly untapped humongous island of the world. Who needs to go to the smallish Great Barrier Reef's Hamilton Island for a break? Eat and live with the locals and taste the Dayak dishes that were sourced from ingredients from the jungles and rivers. Be the Wildman and Wildwoman of Borneo. So romantic!
Broken Tainted String of Pearls - Sri Lanka
We are on the way to Nuwara Eliya a place up in the mountain for a piece of Sri Lanka's colonial past. It is a cool all year round. You get 2 hours of sunshine a day and then mist will move in for the rest of the day. Eliya is also known as Little England where colonialism in different forms still lives on. Mercifully this place is not very much touched by the war in the trenches up North. Despite the string of pearls being broken it is till a beautiful place.

Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF 1 Utama - Friday 13th Feb 2009

Love is in the air. It's Friday. Nice to tuck ourselves in the cozy warmth of good ole TGIF in 1 Utama. Its my wife's day but my son get to choose the restaurant. So much for rude subjects, this little emperor would brood no insolence. But it was a good and safe choice.

Why not at the TGIF in the Curve? Not entirely sure but this place fit our profile. Maybe the food there is saltier. Or we have eaten more times here than at the Curve and feel more relax.

Many happy returns and blessed birthday my dear!

Onion soup. Family favourite esp. the very thick mozzarella canopy over the bowl keeping the heat in.
Jack Daniel's Rib. Big and thick bones means more meat. Compare the fries with bones! JD is too sweet for me this time. Not as tender as it should. If one is indentured to dentures this is not for them.Jack Daniel's Steak. The broccoli was pathetic. Instead of brilliant green it came cowardly yellow. The steak came in the quality as expected of TGIF.My son went Tex-Mex - Sizzling Beef Fajita on a bed of onions and overdone capsicums thankfully not the meat!Fajita - Tortilla as a wrap for the steak, salsa and sour cream.Healthy Guacamole (using avocado) salsa, regular salsa, lettuce, sour cream and shredded cheese.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ahan Thai, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Listed in Popular Food Guide, Feminine (20/9/07) and Recommended by Ho Chiak

Situated in the ever popular commercial square in Bandar Puteri. It stretches from the Bandar Puteri's LDP ramp to Puchong Hartamas. Over a kilometer long this is the place to look for food. Basically upper middle and the spending power has never been so strong in Puchong.

One afternoon my makan kakis and I were over at Puchong for lunch. We have a penchant for Curry Fish Head. This one is unique as it was made from salted fish head. It is not salty at all. The decisions were split from those at the table. I like it. My complaint: not much fish meat to go around. Rating: 7/10.
Venison - Strong taste and salty. Needed plenty of white rice to accompany. Small portions so ordered another plate. 7/10.
Curry Beef - I am not sure what style, guess it was Thai but I have never eaten this dish in Thailand before eventhough I have lived there and travelled far and wide. 6/10.
Kangkong and Belacan - Usual. 6/10.Thai Salad - Very sour but fresh ingredients. Salivating. 7/10.
Tofu with minced meat - Ordinary. 6/10.Lots of Ti Kuan Yin to wash the food down.Picture gone wrong due to wrong setting. Never mind lah or Mai Pen Rai. I used it to show and tell. Corner lot and spacious. Warm woody feel but looks slightly jaded. Need a fresh look to rejuvenate. Not that many tables occupied. 7 pax total was RM157.