Monday, April 16, 2012

Jessica Johnson - Bandar Sri Damansara

I have the eaten duck here a few times and in 2 different styles. Still one of my favourites. 
Jessica Johnson is the brainchild of a retired media practitioner who is also a trained psychologist. The food there is a mixed Asian, Balinese and western dishes. But true to the name it is unpreteniously western in its setup. I have blog on this last year. This is an update.

The food there is as good as it should be. With an inspirational figure and a small kitchen crew what else can come close to a home kitchen that can whip up a good meal. Many families just drop in for a good meal and conversation. The surrroundings promote conversation as the environment has got the time to stand still.
The scones were lovely. Solid, dense and moist ala Malaysian style. It was a wonderful dessert esp. with a piece of butter to accompany it. The cherry tomato gave it some tang and the cheese made it rich. Can't get enough of it. Babeinthecitykl will find these lovely (another variety - walnut and apple). Thelast she went there, she ate scones that were dry. I did asked the owner. He has since stuck to the moist version.
Another nice piece for desserts (?) was the lasagna. The lasagna noodle was soft yet firm, holding this piece together. The mediterranean approach shined through. Meaty, tangy, filling ....