Thursday, March 16, 2017

Banana Leaf Indian Curry - Raju Restoran

Since my study days in the 80's Raju has been my favorite banana leaf restaurant. Though I indulged once a while in their meat dishes, my target was usually the roti canai. Fluffy and deliciously prepared it can be eaten on its own. Sometimes I withstood the condescending looks from some of the waiters just for the roti without ordering the meat. Hahaha... that's the lot for the students those days.  

Nowadays, I drop by once in a while to eat food that they call, "we have no quarrels with our competitors on the price, after all they know the worth of their food!"

Food here is expensive mind you and has been like these since 30+ years ago. They will not change. However, a bite of the roti canai and a whiff of their fried tenggiri and black pomfret will convince anyone that these are really well made and fresh. 

My regular will usually be curry kambing and a fried fish with their usual side vegetables. I will go for fish and chicken curries. 
4, Jalan 5/13, Sect 5, Petaling Jaya

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