Friday, December 26, 2008

Yong Tau Foo (Under the Big Tree) - Ipoh

I made a trip back to Ipoh to catch up with my folks. And of course we went out for meals. Usually we talked while eating! This is our way of catching up. We were going to have a Christmas' steamboat dinner in the evening with a few families and mother suggested that we eat Yong Tau Foo under the Big Tree and 'ta pau' some of the YTF as part of our contribution. This YTF under the big tree is new to me. Situated in a corner of Pasir Pinji New Village this stall really surprised me that even at 3:00+pm the crowd was still there though many of the YTF varieties were gone.
Pasir Pinji New Village
For one who have spent 20 years of my childhood in Ipoh, I am quite used to eating under the big tree. Wantan mee, roti chanai, CCF. Fortunes were made and kids were sent overseas for a real education.

However this site is different, there was not just one but numerous leafy and shady trees. Some were 'ketapang's with sprawling branches and big leaves. My only concern was wrigglers that may rappelled down from the upper reaches and land on my uncovered neck causing allergenic rashes.
Under the big trees!
The mid-afternoon rush!
This 'little forest' also has a few other stalls serving all kinds of Ipoh food. Another surprise was this site is tucked just behind the Ipoh icon of the Roasts Order, "Tuck Kee".

The YTF was excellent though a bit oily as we have to make do with the deep fried stuff as most of the veggie YTF were gone. The 'fu chook' has thin skin and within there was a thick slather of fish paste in it. Fresh and taste like it should: fish all the way and without the stale fish smell which I dislikes because it assaults my taste buds and nostril. It was also soft yet held up well to give an impression of firmness. With this I may say that there was a lack of the use of boric acid that gives that strong bouncy, springy, 'shac', shac', 'shac' feel when biting through it. The rugby shaped fried fish balls were even more incredibly. It was huge. How to turn a profit with such quantity and quality fish paste? Average is RM0.50 per piece. I am glad to report that there was no shady business!

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