Friday, December 19, 2008

Jack's Place - 1 Utama

F346, First Floor, Rainforest (New Wing)
Jack's Place originated from Singapore. I was impressed by the service and food. This is the one of the best value for money western. Great location, good (not great yet) food and spacious dining. If I would have gone to a traditional steak house it may cost me double for what we have. There is not much difference in taste. Possibly only enjoyed a better cut meat.

Steak was 350gm size. However, missing were the buns and butter that accompanied the mains. And those who do not like their vegs bland, here it is boiled with salt for taste.

Total Bill: RM105.05 (Service charge - 10% and No gov. tax)
I will return for others in the menu. Capable of pleasant surprises.
Dreaming of a white Christmas in 1 Utama.
The theme in Jack's Place - green. May not be a favourite colour to alot of people. If it's changed to a warm colour I believe business will be even better!!All came with soup of the day and a slice of garlic bread.And with ice-cream and coffee/tea, Upgrade to Mocha. Add RM2.00.This snails were bland and oily. And lack freshness. The chef should have tasted the sauce first. RM13.50.NZ T-bone. I don't have high expectations because of many letdowns. I was guarded. But meat was flavourful and not chewy. Good piece. RM36.50.Chicken was tender because it is the leg portion. Tasty. I had enough of bland ones. Meat was fresh too. RM15.00.NZ Rib-eye felt good to chew and juices tasted natural. RM28.50.


SimpleGirl said...

Hmm...must be a great place for steak lover ya!

worldwindows said...

Nice place for relaxing small talk. When I was there for lunch there were a few groups doing just that.

backStreetGluttons said...

we half expected handsome Jack to be there with a Daniel in hand

worldwindows said...

It's lunch and way too early for JD :-) Well I am going on some paths well traveled by veterans like BSG.