Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vietnam, Saigon - Homecooked Meal (Part 7)

After pigging out on Saigon's food I went over to my friend's house for lunch. A simple yet delicious lunch. When I first visit Vietnam 13 years ago nobody ever invited me to their home. Now they are much better off and have beautiful houses. I called the present government policies as communistic capitalistic. Though recently the Vietnam Stock market went through spasms and shares were down up to 75% and real estate sector went bust (earlier than the financial tsunami in the west) and the government declared a moratorium on buying and selling properties. many investors are stuck. My friend is stuck with a USD40,00 property.
Starters - Macaroni pork leg - Macaroni Gio Heo
Rice paper - It is stiff so pass the rice paper quickly through a bowl of water. Not so much as it will go real limp and stick if too water. Put the cha gio, vege and herbs, pork hock slices on the rice paper and roll it up. Dip it into the chili and fish sauce and chow.Chili and fish sauce
Pork hock sliced thin
5 -6 six types of veges and herbs
The ubiquitous Cha Gio or Crispy Spring Rolls. Ingredients: Minced pork, water chestnut, fish sauce, Chinese mushroom and of rice paper for wrap. Deep-fried to perfection.

In season. Breast Milk Fruit/Vu Sua - Milky and sweet. The flesh is like that of the soursop but firmer and more fibrous.


J2Kfm said...

breast milk fruit? hahaha ... :)

thats new.

worldwindows said...

Vu (Breast) sua (milk). I thought it was the lighter coloured passion fruit! The flesh felt is more like persimmon on second thought. The juice within the fruit is milky.

Precious Pea said...

LOL!! OH dear..why on earth they named it breast milk fruit???? Faint...wonder if it tastes like breast milk.

worldwindows said...

PP... Over the table we have a good talk and laugh where my host and his wife try to educate me on the virtue of this fruit. Was the wife embarrassed? No. But she was concern that I will be embarrassed and before the conversation on 'vu sua' there was a back n forth conference between the couple before my friend broke out with a big laugh and say ! will not be embarrassed!!