Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Renovated Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, IOI Mall Puchong

Wong Kok is a favourite for me and my son. I called it a Weastern (W represents Western) joint esp. with items served with lots of cheese and the hot plates with large servings of meat. Over the years, I have eaten there on many occasions.

Since moving away from Puchong I missed this Hong Kong inspired food alot. So over one afternoon I went alone for a fix after an appointment in Puchong. They have done a major renovation and gone a bit upmarket with new furnishings and furniture.

They must have been doing well with reserves or took bank borrowings confident of recouping their investments fast. No business owners would like to do a major renovation in their existing premise unless they are confident of the future.

I took a lunch set at RM10.90. There is a bowl of rice porridge with roast pork and seaweed. It comes with a bowl of cream soup and hot/cold milk tea. I like the milk tea here as it is 'kaw' and a tinge bitter as western tea should be.
I was enjoying my newspaper while eating and forgot about my cream soup. So I signalled the staff. Not once but thrice with eye contact. They thought I was asking for the bill and tried to ignore me indirectly telling me to go to the cashier's counter.
Finally, I got my cream soup.
This is the kind of service I commonly get from mamak shops and also kopitiams namely Old Town and Kluang. They just want me to go to the cashier's counter. I wonder if this is their modus operandi or just plain bad service!


Alex said...

it is bad service :) this reminds that I haven't been to Wong Kok for nearly 2 years already lol. The nearest branch to me would be at Equine Park..

BTW, I think you should open up comment for Name/URL :)


Tummythoz said...

I agree with Alex. Bad service. One of them should at least approach you to know why you are signalling.

babe_kl said...

i've tried at leisure mall cheras and 1U, both not only lousy service but the food was mediocre. hv u tried Food and Tea? they're better but of late, the quality of food seems to be slipping too

worldwindows said...

Alex... I have eaten at Equine Park with a friend from London. It was better! Thanks for the recommendation on the Name/URL.

TT... Why is it so difficult to train them? They are losing business.

Babe_kl... I will give Food and Tea and try when in Bejaya. Branches limited.

Alice said...

Really very bad already!
Not only services lousy as well as the food too.
The Cream soup like milk very watering,not creaming.
Better chance a name to water soup.
The Pork Chop burger only have half pork chop, their cut half out then where the half staff eaten or????????????
The Tea~~~~~~~~~~~ Wah! Wah!
Even Mamak much more better!
What call Tea?????????
Ying Yong oso worse tasteless!!!!!!!!!!