Sunday, December 21, 2008

Honouring Customers - Tenji SohoKL , PizzaHut and McDonald

Many have gone to SohoKL in Mon’t Kiara since its opening this month. There are more than 40 outlets there and it will definitely become a major attraction for those who want to wine and dine. My wife went to Tenji a few days ago for lunch with some colleagues. She and my son for some unknown reasons like Japanese food. My son was impressed esp. when told that a free flow of Haagen Dazs was part of the buffet spread.

He talked me into going on the 19th for lunch. It was also the last day of Tenji's special offer of RM29.90++ for an one hour lunch with an addition of RM10 for each subsequent hour. Visit has to be from 11:30am - 4pm, 12th to 19th Dec. Normal price was RM49.90++.We arrived and took the escalator up. The wind was blowing hard. We paused to enjoy the wind as it was a very hot day. At the 1st floor we enjoyed the marvels of development. Major highways and interchanges were just across the perimeter of Mont Kiara. It was 12:30 noon and we were ready for a nice lunch.

Lo and behold something was amissed! Another family was looking for a way in. Where is the entrance? The entrance was blocked by congratulatory bouquets. Strange! Flower bouquets should be part of the welcome not act as a barricade. Then I saw a banner strung across and next to the main entrance that 19th is closed for a private function at 5:00pm. I tried to call their number 1700801818 for a confirmation but to no avail. No one pick up my calls.

Disappointed we went for Korean fare. I thought I saw 3-4 Korean restaurants and there could be more than 5 around the area. That will be materials for another post.

There is something about good service and honouring a commitment that I love about McDonald and PizzaHut. It is close to legendary.

At PizzaHut, IOI Mall, we once ordered a pan crust pizza but were served a thin crust. The waiter came in a jiffy and after hearing us told us that he will bring the pan crust pizza. He told us we can have the thin crust pizza as a compliment. The wonderful thing was the waiter was empowered to make front-line decisions. And mind you I was talking to a Bangladeshi. That speaks volume of the training and respect this company has for all its staff. And at McDonald the staff are trained to respond to customers. I can changed any items on my tray by merely suggesting that they have not given me the right order. They will make it right without questions.

Back to honouring a commitment. What happened at Tenji does not augur well for customer service and honour that is due to each customer. I can excuse the "Opening Soon" and "Just Opened" syndromes as well as the initial teething problems. The least I expect is for the management to station a staff at the door to explain and apologize to those who came to their door by virtue of having came through word of mouth or through an invitation card like that above. I will still go back once the service has improved but not at the moment unless my son asks again and again :-)


Selba said...

Pizza Hut is my most favourite food ;)

No more picture of Tenji Soho?

550ml jar of faith said...

What a shame about not making it to the Tenji buffet! Read about it in Precious Pea's blog and it was really a marvellous spread. I've not been to Pizza Hut in years - willing to give them another shot after your experience there!

worldwindows said...

Selba... No photos...sigh! Precious Pea many good photos! Lucky her. I love pizzahut for their innovative menu and good tasting pizza.

550mlJoF... The oysters.... Pizzahut creative with cheese compare with others. I like lots of cheese. They just have a makeover maybe beginning of the year.

Alex said...

Wow, glad I saw this post.. Now I gotta research more on Tenji Buffet.. RM49.90++ for the full thing seems like a good bargain

- vkeong