Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pasta Zanmai Japanese Pasta - 1 Utama

This is a beautiful restaurant. The front portion is a mini-market. All kinds of things Japanese. Popular concept. Rakuzen Desa Parkcity adopted this concept and I am sure there are many around that I am not aware off. Though seating is a bit tight the rich ramin coloured woodwork exudes a warm that is all encompassing. I feel immediately at home. Be a bit patient as good food takes time and being popular there is always other patrons that have come earlier.

Next to us was a Japanese mother and son. That inspired my confidence in the food. I can't helped but to overhearing in the conversation. Not the content but the tone of it. It was a loving motherly nag. The young teen kept quiet. As the minutes ticked away the slouching child's head was barely above the tableline. It was a one-way traffic. Then the food came. Big bowls of Japanese pasta. The child found his voice and I even heard an 'arigato - thank you'. Then they were bantering away. His back straightened and shoulder squared. A lovely meal takes away the rough edges. Total costs: RM123.00. I got a RM20.00 voucher for their 1st Anniversary Celebration gift.
Asari Miso Soup (with 4 fresh and 'done just nice' clams)
Unagi Yana Set - RM29.00. Lots of unagi. A big thick one. Al dente pasta. Missing from post was Tori Kino Set - RM23.00. Cheesy pasta. Smooth, creamy not overwhelming.Ika Sumi - RM19.00. Squid ink pasta. Ink from squid was used to marinate the pasta! I first experienced this in Visayas, Philippines where the octopuses' ink was used to marinate itself. Be careful of staining clothes and also around the lips. Really good squid and pasta. Subtle. Making a loud delicious statement. Could eat more!!Hotate Teriyaki - RM12.00. Personally sauce was too robust and heavy.Shishamo - RM9.00. Fresh with crunchy roes!A Chip off the (Old) Bowl

Not too pleasant dining though. Large chip on the bowl. There was another smaller chip over the other side. Both chips on the rim. Not acceptable at all lah! If I choose to drink from the bowl like a Japanese it will my lips!. And the restaurant is just celebrating their 1st Anniversary this month!
Not only the bowl but also this plate was chipped in 2 places! Management, what happened?


Little Inbox said...

Hello, Happy New Year to you and your family!

550ml jar of faith said...

Very clumsy dishwashing, I imagine! For the type of prices Pasta Zanmai commands, this is unacceptable! Did you have to drink your soup with a (gulp) spoon?!

worldwindows said...

LI... Blessed and Productive New Year to you and your family too!

550mljof... My son does drink from the bowl on occasion and with the accompanying slurp. As for me I prefers the spoon.