Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vietnam, Saigon - KFC (Part 5)

Colonel Sanders has been in Saigon for a few years. I remember the bird flu outbreak in 2004. They were scrambling to add fish to their menu. There was no chicken in the market and consequently I missed my Roast Chicken at Kim Cafe in De Tham St. Officials even went house to house pet bird hunting. Once found their necks were snapped and then bagged.

I believe the first KFC was situated near the waterfront (Saigon River) at the Central Commercial District. The second is behind the New World Hotel near Pham Ngu Lao St. Hanoi just opened its first in 2008.

It is my practice to sample KFC and McDonald while overseas whenever possible. Though not enough to generalize due obviously to lack of sampling and also lapse of time in between samplings.

But this KFC (behind New World Hotel) has very good stuff. Chicken pieces were not oily, tender, warm and tasty. The salad was good. Greens were fresh.

The interior is clean and well designed and finished with high quality tiles. Staff was well trained. The other good thing is it's well maintained as this one is at least 3-4 years old.
It's the Christmas Season
The Menu
Chicken SaladChicky Meal


Little Inbox said...

After watching the Youtube regarding how the chickens been treated, I've stopped taking KFC.

Kenny Mah said...

Does KFC taste the same worldwide? Not the last time I checked when I was in Melbourne. :P

worldwindows said...

LI... Sorry to hear that! Was it a few months ago where they came to Bangkok and have a demo in front of a KFC? I support more humane methods which may be more expensive! It's the bottom line.

LfB... Not really. Very oily in Boston and London. Tasty soggy. Thailand's KFC smells funny to the Malaysian nose. The best is still in Malaysia. Arguably the best food franchise that maintains their consistency in taste, service and quality anywhere around the world is McDonalds.

minchow said...

I've given up on KFC, absolutely totally given up, after several disastrous outings right here in KL. But KFC elsewhere is a different story... great in Japan and from the looks of it, Vietnam's got a leg up on us too!

worldwindows said...

550mljof... This is one of the best KFC I have visited in Malaysia and in some foreign countries.