Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sun Yuan Loong - Ipoh White Coffee

Park around the blocks. Lots of parking. Also vacant parking area nearby. Never fail to get parking and promptly too.
Word has it that this coffee shop belongs to another son of the owner of renown white coffee shop Sin Yoon Loong (read my post).

It is located around Jalan Leong Boon Swee and Jalan Bendahara which is famous for its metalworks and "Besi Buruk" yards. With 2 lots and the use of the sidewalk this shop is 2+ times the seating capacity of the old one The original which is in the Old Town was passed on to the other son that has been running the show for ages.
Stand and wait for those who is about to finish. Embarrassing but that's life. I waited 5 mins.
This is my 4th trip here and each time it is packed with customers. I would expect more stalls but there were only 5-6 offering the usual fare. The toasted bread 'division' has grown with more offerings like sandwiches and egg tarts. The freshly baked tarts were actually flying out of the counter. Customers collect and pay for them at the counter.

Direction: Exit Simpang Pulai toll. Drive towards Ipoh city. Drive along Jalan Gopeng. Branch left to Jalan Kampar. At Oblong 'roundabout' take 12 o'oclock. Temple on left. About 200m at cross junction. Perpendicular road is Jalan Pasir Putih. Drive straight. After junction the road is now Jalan Leong Boon Swee. Take left turn after 50m. Turn-off is immediately after Autoworld. Take right turn and Sun Yuan Loong is on your left at the end of the block of shops.
Starters. Crispy, tender, fatty and tasty roast pork with hot beverages!
Prawn Mee RM3.20. Taste good enough for me though, I pefers pork strips rather than fish cake strips.
Curry noodles RM3.00. Good enough again.The Toast here is not as good as the Old Town older counterpart. It is not 100% crispy. The centre is not heated through. Milo ice, teh see and coffee + 4 sets of toast - RM6.40.The *star* of the show. Coffee. My father grew up with these. Has him singing the praises. I have 'teh see' though. Rich and creamy.


Life for Beginners said...

The star? Nowadays it has reached the level of Superstar di... :D

Thanks for sharing this old fave of your father... Wish you and your family a very happy new year ahead!

worldwindows said...

Superstar, bad news price-wise. My of my dad's faves to come. Blessed and fruitful year ahead for you too!