Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ampang Yong Tau Foo

This particular YTF is close enough to qualify as Ampang YTF as it is near to the popular Ampang YTF clusters in the proximity of the Bukit Belacan police station. I like this particular YTF and have eaten here for many years as it was next to the lake (now no more) by The Flamingo Hotel. The lake acted as an air-conditioner and the village house style restaurant is wide and without walls so that any breeze will pass through. It also allow air to circulate. I felt uncomfortable each time I ate at the Bukit Belacan YTFs as I come out sweaty and sticky.
20 pieces of assorted yummy healthy YTFs at about RM0.70 - 0.80 each.
15 runchy, smelling of soya and stuffed silly with fish paste and other chopped up veges. A total of 35 pieces plus drinks for 3 at RM31.00.
YTF is a simple and healthy food. It is all fish paste, vege and soya. Nowadays operators know how to keep oil to the minimum. Regular oil changes will eliminate the danger of oil breaking down and the cross-contamination of smells. It is also to their benefit as the oily feel will cause the stomach to feel full prematurely thus scuttling the need for 2nd and 3rd orders.

In fact foreigners are also smitten by YTF. The simple simplicity and the healthy elements. One of my Thai friend who has been a restauranteur before told me this dish had great potential in Thailand when positioned as a healthy food (not health food).

Personally the operations are simple. The main ingredients are all fresh from the market and can be prepared with little work and time. Fish paste can be prepared earlier and refrigerated and taken out for use within the day.
Simple operations. 2 big woks for frying and 2 pots for boiling.
Where is it? I have so accustomed to it that I don't recall any signboard. My stomach just leads me there. To me its 'Ampang YTF by the lake'. With the lake gone years ago it is the 'YTF next to The Flamingo Hotel'. From MRR2 Cheras heads towards Ulu Klang. Do not use the fly-over across Jalan Ampang. Keep left and then head straight. At the Jalan Ampang traffic junction go straight. Drive past Flamingo and the Elevated Highway above it is just 50m away. Those from Ulu Klang will make a U-turn at the traffic junction next to Flamingo.


Little Inbox said...

Eh? The Yong Tau Foo in soup looks different. The soup base is not the typical clear soup?

worldwindows said...

I thought the colour may have come from the vege esp. the brinjals. Taste clear so that it won't clog up the stomach for 2nd order.