Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Things Means Alot - Coffee Bean Desa Parkcity

It was not our usual evening out. We decided to have a late and light dinner at Coffee Bean in Desa Parkcity. At 9:15pm we left our house. They ordered the food and drinks. I got a cup of tea and settled down in the air-con area. It was a balmy day and a very cool evening as the rain has poured for many hours. It was too cold indoors and we decided to dine out.

Our table overlooked the landscaped garden and it was very relaxing to stretch out. The small table was compensated by a utilitarian chair that has a wide seat and comfortable synthetic fibers for the bum. The tables were well-spaced out giving diners privacy. Space is a premium. The breeze was coming in. A family arrived on bicycles. Looking for late supper. Apparently there are bicycle paths from their homes across the garden.

We finished at 10:30pm and went for a walk in along the Waterfront. There is a man-made pool and a fast-flowing but shallow creek. The sound of the flowing water was music to the ears. The creek was lighted though not too bright. My son cold not resist hopping from one stepping stone to another in the creek subsequently getting his feet and sandals soaked. At about 11:00pm power went off and we soon realized that the fast-flowing waters was no more. It was a man-made creek. Water was pumped from the pond into a holding area on higher ground 30m away and gravity took over. Small price to pay for a great sight and sound display.

We started for home at 11:00pm. A good outing I thought. I don't despise little outing like this. It''s an investment for the future, building trust and consideration. On the way home I contemplate my son going for his holiday camp for 4 days and my wife with her 81 years old mother jetting off to N.Z for a 10 days vacation. I will release them and hold the fort knowing that they have invested in my happiness and I in theirs. Yes happiness are built on the foundation of these little things.
Scones with strawberry jam and butter
Breakfast menu still available for late dinner
Very comfy chairNice meal and lookout - Landscape gardens with an unblocked air channel for breezes to come in from 2 directions.
Waterfront overlooking pond and creek as well as extensive landscaped gardens.
WaterfrontCreek (foreground) and Pond (beyond)

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