Monday, December 1, 2008

Andy Grace Restaurant, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Picture was taken on another sunny day!

It was a rainy day. This is not the first line of a horror story. Rainy days get me up and not down. Just want to have some food. Hunting for some is a sport. I recalled trekkers (experienced) who like to get themselves lost in the forest and challenge themselves to get out. It is fun sometimes to get off the beaten track. My trekking partner from London and I were lost in Tmn Tun park and FRIM while going about our exercise. Those were good experiences esp. when we ran out of drinking water in Tmn Tun.

Back to food. We landed at Andy Grace just as we turned into Medan Putra. My wife was attracted to the handmade noodles. I found out (not officially) that the joint has shrunk from 2 lots to one. But at 9:15pm walk-ins were coming at regular intervals. They were mostly couples in the 30's and families. The clientele is there but may bot be able to sustain a 2 lots restaurant. This is good business sense and it shows that the business is run sensibly and the owner is not giving up. The commitment and vision for handmade noodles restaurant is still strong.
4 medium size prawns per plate
We have Kun Po Handmade noodles at RM15.90 - 2 pax. The noodles were thin and smooth yet has a strong consistency. The sauces were tasty but some MSG was there.

The Handmade Thick noodles in Pork Ribs soup came at RM18.90 - 2 pax. The waitress warned us that this order will take them 20mins as the soup is prepared from scratch. The soup was very natural and has the home-made taste. It was not salty which to me is translated as no or the lack of MSG. It was not peppery as was expected. It will be left to the devices of diner to decide whether to add the pepper powder to the excellent soup base. Small lard pieces with oil half extracted were placed on top of the noodles. They were still warm and it yielded a juicy yet crunchy feel. The only complaint was the choy sum was not a good match for the soup. The vege smell was overpowering the subtle taste and smell of the soup. The noodles were as thick as the Udon cousins and felt good in the palate. Smooth, strong, springy and without the preservatives.
5 pieces of meaty pork ribs
Others who blog on it.

Address: Along Jln 3/62D, Medan Putra, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong (Opposite 99 Speedmart).
From LDP turn left to Desa Parkcity. Straight on for 200m. At the roundabout take 12 o'clock and then go for the first left turn.


Tummythoz said...

Manjalara has so many makan places with such wide variety. Lucky you.

CUMI & CIKI said...

taking the photo on a sunny day is such a good idea!

550ml jar of faith said...

Those thick noodles in the pork rib soup screams GRACE to me! Kepong feels so far away from me, I really need to get behind those wheels and just take a drive to that area!

worldwindows said...

TT... Yes and still exploring. Will move towards Usahawan, Kepong side soon.

CampC... Good thing its nearby.... Night eats sometimes not good idea for photography. Flash too weak. No DSLR and tripod. Hands not steady enough to shoot at night without flash!

550mlJoF... Al dente for the thick ones and silky smooth and soft for the thin ones!

Life for Beginners said...

Pity about the MSG cos I love homemade noodles! They taste so much better and cos they are fresh they don't normally use those icky preservatives that you can taste for sure!

worldwindows said...

MSG is a bit problem in Asian food!