Friday, January 30, 2009

Ikan Bakar Adnan Hassan - Teluk Tempoyak, Penang (Part 1)

It is advisable to be there early esp. weekends. We arrived at 6:15pm. Got our parking. I took some shots and breeze. Relax my mind and body in the serene environment. We went choosing the fresh seafood. There are basically 2 stalls. Ikan bakar and the other stall offers 3 different ways to cook the seafood and mee udang.

Directions: The drive was easy from Queensbay Mall. Using the coastal road we hit the Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone. Continuing on we arrived at the Batu Maung traffic lights cross-junction. Turning left is the 'end of the world' where there is a reputable seafood restaurant (read it from CK Lam). Turning right will be Jalan Batu Maung. Drive straight on and turn left at second left junction. There will be a signboard 'Teluk Tempoyak'. Uphill drive for a km or two and look out for Adnan Hassan signboard.

Part 2 Teluk Tempoyak: More in my next post. Went next door to buy fresh fisherman's catch and enjoyed cooking and feasting on it.
Ikan Bakar at Adnan Hassan Tel: 0194132572. Tuesday to Sunday 6pm - 11:30pmOrdered Mee Udang here.Some starters in the form of satay. Goes well with any food.Mee Udandg with 3 super super fresh and succulent prawns from the sea. Mud crabs with buttery juices and with firm and fresh meaty goodness.Ordered Bawal Talang for grilling. Fresh thick meat. Sauces were not overpowering thus allowing fish subtle goodness to shine through.Siakap and Hoong Jo.Bawal Talang, Jenahak and Grouper. Tried to buy the grouper (top right corner) home as it is still alive. Will be a waste if grilled and not steamed. But was turned down.


Little Inbox said...

I went there before, but was not able to try their food, cuz too crowded.


Frankly speaking, i'm not really a food hunter but good to take note of interesting eateries around malaysia for future's reference.....

Selba said...

The satay is chicken, right?

Interesting to read the menu... I guess siakap is kakap in bahasa indo. No idea what senangin, aji2, kimco are.. :D

CRIZ LAI said...

Haha.. I had caught all the fishes in the two containers before. Hmm... I think you missed out the name of one fish in 2nd container (2nd in the middle) - gerut-gerut :P Let me share with you their English names.

Siakap - Perch/Sea Bass
Jenahak (Hong Chou) - Golden Snapper
Bawal Selatan (Kam Ch'eong) - Golden Pomfret
Gerut-gerut (Pak Chou) - Grunter
Jenahak (Hak Tim) - Golden Snapper (same as above snapper as the dot on the back would disappear after landing for some time or the fish had grown large)
Kerapu - Grouper

Oopss.. I think I had shared too much of my fishing experiences. Sorry for the spamming.. haha :P

Selba said...

Hey Criz... thanks! It's great to know the fish name in English, even in Chinese :)

CK Lam said...

I always wanted to visit this place but did not manage to do so. Thanks for the review. I like the mud crabs.

worldwindows said...

LI... Hope you will get your food the next time. Worth the while but food is not that cheap.

MRC... I know of a friend who entertains alot and have a black book on restaurants.

Selba... Yes its chicken. Most of your q's were answered by Criz. I have some problems with fish names. Confined to those I like.

CL... Thanks for your help. I did not know that Hong Chou is a kind of Jenahak.

Selba... Well I hope you learned something as I certainly do.

CKL... I think this place is not as posh as the Seagate one you reviewed! Menu is also limited.


Yeap, i do keep a list of restaurants - eg as i watched Ho Chiak series.....:D....Your reviews & other sources will be helpful in future