Monday, January 5, 2009

Ipoh Chicken Rice at Restoran Rasa Sayang, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

Drove back to Ipoh again and stopped over Ipoh city for lunch. Rasa Sayang Chicken Rice (Jalan Theatre - opposite the site of I think the former Capitol Cinema). Food is pork-free and is situated within the 1km sweet spot for food in downtown Ipoh. The best 'siew yoke', chicken bean sprout, curry noodles, dim sum (Foh San), Funny Mountain soya bean, salted chicken and scores of other soffee shops. Need I say more.

I was told the better chicken rice actually was their immediate neighbour on their left, Restoran Pak Kong. But I preferred the airy and spacious double shoplot in Rasa Sayang. Good for an old fashion quick, easy and healthy lunch. Nothing special in particular just lots of soya sauces, oil and a higher degree of saltiness.

Price: RM30 (3 pax - We have no breakfast coming out of KL and were starved and I have a ravenous eating machine teen in tow)


Little Inbox said...

Rasa Sayang, haha sounds warm. :)
The environment looks clean too. Everything is neat and tidy.

SimpleGirl said...

Hmm, but the one beside, Pak Kong is more famous among Ipohite. Anyway, I feel both stall quality is more or less the same la!

J2Kfm said...

u made my mouth waters!!!
but i still prefer Pak Kong though. normally tapau only.

worldwindows said...

LI... Space will help alot but then the cost again. Smart competition.

SG... I have eaten Pak Kong many years ago! Forgotten the taste.

J2Kfm... I like my chicken drizzled with lots of oil and salty soya sauce traditional style.

Life for Beginners said...

Reminds me of the song Rasa Sayang... Btw, love your new header... got a lot of 'wok hei', yes? :D

worldwindows said...

This shop seems to lose out a bit on taste to the neighbour according to Ipohites, but certainly out-compete it in other depts. It is brighter and bigger.

New Year new banner! Hope to do major revamp later. Templates limiting lah.

B E said...

I find that Rasa Sayang chicken rice has a high standard taste since the 50s. People judge things by the good old times. The restaurant was crowded to its utmost capacity.