Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chia Yean Penang Tai Chow Food - Sg. Nibong

Penang hawkers' food is world famous and is found mostly in the coffee shops or by the road side. However, it is harder to find 'tai chow' food in Penang when compared to KL. It was my in-laws who suggested to go 'tai chow'. The crowd is there and it seems to me that this place is well-known to Sg. Nibong folks. It is located directly opposite to the Penang Pesta site. Chia Yean occupies a corner lot and the block of 3-4 storey shophouses front the main road, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

Total costs for 5 adults: RM73.00

Curry Fish Head - Very fresh fish head. One could taste bad fish head simply because the fish will start to rot from the head first. My encounter with fishes in Penang has always been pleasant.
The captain suggested German Roast Knuckle. If they are confident to stock this item in their menu, I am confident they have the crowd. With quick turnaround the food is guaranteed fresh! The meat was tender and the outer layer crispy. Above average!
Squid Indian taste but Chinese style cooking. Indian curry paste but stir-fried just long enough to keep the squid tender. Very nice indeed!
8 Treasures Duck. Part of it still retained some gamey smell. Below average.
Stir-fried 'Yeu Mak'. Instead of fu yue the cook use nam yue. Bad combination.


CK Lam said...

I have eaten at this place twice but have not taken the pork knuckle. Nice of you for sharing this dish.

ck lam

bsg Basic said...

we like Penang styled cooking ,no matter roadside or shop because apart from tasty & cheap the fellas there are generally more friendly and more chatty !

Happy New Year !

Selba said...

Happy New Year!

The squid indian taste but chinese style cooking is interesting...

Little Inbox said...

The dishes are all expensive stuff, so overall it was not too expensive for 5 adults.

worldwindows said...

CKLam... the pork knuckle is one of the better dishes.

BSG... I can say its very cheap in Penang though smaller portions. I can't say about chatting as I understand but don't speak Hokkien!

Selba... I love tender squid. I dislike rubbery ones.

LI... Not so expensive I agree esp. with the roast pork knuckle.

550ml jar of faith said...

The squid and the pork knuckle are a sight for sore just-back-to-work eyes indeed!! And cheap as chips as well!

worldwindows said...

550mljof... Eating list for CNY for me esp the squid and the roast pork knuckle.