Friday, January 9, 2009

Kedai Makan Kinrara, Taman Kinrara, Batu 7 Puchong

Taman Kinrara (Batu 7) was one of the very first significant development in Puchong before famous freehold properties in Puchong Jaya (Batu 9), Bandar Kinrara (Batu 7), Pusat Bandar Puchong (Batu 10) and Bandar Puteri c(Batu 12) ame into being. Off course now there are too many schemes to name!

A lot of houses in Taman Kinrara are more than 17 years old. At that time Puchong was famous for its restaurants serving wild game in Batu 8. They all kinds of meat: monkeys, sun bears, civet cats and many others. The other famous landmark was the Kinara Military Camp and the hospital in the camp.

One of those shop that has transited from those backwaters days in slummy and mining wonderland into shoplots was Kedai Makan Kinrara. The affable and forgetful (forgetting orders) owner has been serving their ready cooked food here for 15 years sending a son to Melbourne University who has just finished his architectural studies.

All their food here is ready cooked except for the veges. Pork, chicken and fish are stewed, braised, curried, vinegared and fried. But the most famous must be the Pig Stomach White Pepper Soup.
The food in pots all ready to go!
Pork Stomach in White Pepper Soup. Sourish from sour vege. Spicy and hot from lots of pepper. And aromatic from a generous amount of deep fried tiny garlic pieces accompanying the already very tasty and sweet soup that came from the transfer of the sweet juices from pork meat and other parts into the soup.
Braised Pork. Sweet and salty soya sauce simmered in its juices until tender.Vinegar Pork Trotter. Instead of brown sugar they used sweetened winter melon pieces. The sauce was sour, sweet and thick!Kedai Makan Kinrara.
Air-conditioned section available.
Address: Jalan TK1/11D.
Located on the ground level of low-cost 5-storey walk-up apartments. It's behind Bintang Supermarket. The supermarket is directly opposite the Kinrara Military Camp.


SimpleGirl said...

really looks like homecooked dishes, i love the soup....btw, not suprising, lots of hawker food seller can afford to send their kids to overseas, they earn cash money and they are recession proof biz haha

Selba said...

Pork stomach... yummy... though it looks simple but if I'm not mistaken, it need extra effort to clean the pork stomach.

wmw said...

A porky post! Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year!

Life for Beginners said...

That's interesting, using sweetened winter melon instead of the usual brown sugar. Did it taste very different? :)

worldwindows said...

SG... A worthy profession!

Selba... I was told the inner stomach must be scrubbed with papaya leaves.

wmw... some simple porky, perky upgraded hawker stuff :-)

LfB... Taste too sweet for my wife. I like the sweetness combined with the vinegar. The liquid was thick.