Thursday, January 8, 2009

Delifrance Bistro at Flamingo Hotel, KL

5, Tasik Ampang, Jalan Hulu Kelang, Ampang.
Bistro in hotel is one of the business concept of Delifrance. They have bistro in 2 hotels. The other is in Penang. I grew up with Delifrance and generally I liked to grab a quick bite and drink at Delifrance before continuing with what I am doing in the mall.

I have eaten on a few occasions in this Hotel Flamingo Delifrance Bistro. My son many more times with my wife. He adores the food here. "I missed the Spring Chicken at Delifrance!" and with that he commandeered our entire eating agenda. It is opened less than a year ago and sited just next to the courtyard, pool and overlooking the lake.

He has his Spring Chicken and Mushroom Soup. Delicious according to him.

I ordered Seafood Lasagna and Mutton Spicy Soup. It was a disappointment.

Cost: RM100.25 plus drinks + 10% + 5%
Delicious Fresh Mushroom Soup. No I did not try it. Delicious Spring Chicken. No I did not try it.
If it reached 1/2 of the taste of the mamak soup kambing I am happy. The 'minced' mutton was measly. The soup was watery.
I expect my lasagna to arrive piping hot, chockful of seafood pieces and oozing with cheese! I was disappointed on the first 2 counts.


New Kid on the Blog said...

Penang? Oh, maybe it's in Sandy Paradise Hotel.
They used to have a lot of outlet, but somehow closed down many of them too. The last I have was in HK.

worldwindows said...

It's a bit of a disappointment all-round. The have an adequate menu. The best may be in KLIA departure gates area. Some outlets in major malls like 1 Utama and Subang is managing well.

SimpleGirl said...

The last time I dined at Delifrance was long long time ago..maybe few years back...maybe too many other choices nowadays..

worldwindows said...

The competition is stiffer in 2009!