Friday, January 2, 2009

Ajisen Ramen Japanese Food - 1 Utama

Mention Japanese food and my son's eyes will sparkle. He used to be so western as he ate mostly western food in his school while we were overseas. It started when my wife started to bring him to Sushi King in IOI Mall a couple of years ago. It became his favourite haunt for dinner when he eats out.

Since we moved, 1 Utama is near to our home. There is about 10 Japanese restaurant. Just an estimate as I have not really gone round them all. My teenage 'emperor' will eat them all!

Pardon the photos as it was taken with my son's 5 years old Nokia 6230. I left my E90 at home.

Total costs: RM64.35
Pleasant interior.
Starters: Pan Fried Gyoza - RM3.50. Nice, subtle taste and not oily. Good to open up the appetite.
Starters: Edamame Tuna Salad - RM4.80. Really my son's cup of tea! I don't really fancy this. I preferred grilled chunks of tuna like those I have in North Mindanao.Beef Ramen - RM15.80. Good beef pieces. This was good slurpy stuff. Al dente noodles and tasty soup.
Paikut Ramen - RM17.80Beef Toppings - RM3.80Pork Tare - RM7.80. Chewy and bland. Spend to time in the freezer!


Little Inbox said...

I'm very choosy when it comes to ramen. I don't allow a single bean sprout appear in my bowl. Haha...sounds weird?

worldwindows said...

Come to think of bean sprouts yes I prefer it on Chinese noodles rather than Japanese!

Kenny Mah said...

Haha, you guys are not the first not to like bean sprouts on their ramen. My ex also doesn't like it and would dump those sprouts on my bowl.

I happen to like it though, and Ajisen is a nice place to drop by for a quick, hot meal. :)

worldwindows said...

Yes the taugeh is a study in contrast esp with the well arranged food organized the Japanese way. I love my taugeh with my curry noodles.

J2Kfm said...

i thought edamame is those green soy beans? no?

heard that Ajisan Ramen is rather popular all over, except in Msia.
wonder why ...

worldwindows said...

You are right! Its tuna salad. Corrected.

I noticed Malaysians would order more grilled, pan and deep fried items from Japanese restaurants. Sushi and sashimi is not every Malaysian favs.