Monday, January 19, 2009

Bubba Gump Shrimps Again - The Curve

By the time we arrived at 7ish there were no more tables left except those alfresco ones. By 8ish there will be a queue as was during our last 2 outings. This has become a once a month outing for my son. He just loves the grilled barramundi and the seafood here. Of course there are beef and chicken but why order these when you are eating with a shrimper!

The freshness of the sea was very evident in their signature specialty - shrimps. Each shrimp was of thumb-sized. I was told by connoisseurs that this is the best sized for shrimps. It was firm not like those very crunchy ones which likely point to the presence of boric acid.

The juices flowed and filled the mouth yielding the very much loved aroma and taste from the sea. These are the elements that make Hokkien mee and Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun so famous.
Window seat anyone?1 1/2 pounds of garlic shrimps served from a cast iron pot.Each shrimp deveined and decapitated!
Avocado chicken salad
Grilled Barramundi. Taste the freshness from the sea.


Selba said...

It must be really good that you came back again to this place :)

Selba said...
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worldwindows said...

It s actually my son! We give and take. And when there I can't resist the shrimps.

ah kiang said...

wow, they de-vein all the prawns? I am impressed

worldwindows said...

I am too. Tons of work.

Anonymous said...

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