Monday, January 12, 2009

Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tou Foo - Lorong Peel, Taman Maluri

Locals from Taman Maluri took me to Lorong Peel's Hakka Yong Tou Foo for lunch. The YTF here rivals those in Ampang so my friends claimed. The fillings are from fresh tenggiri fish. The meat is meticulously separated from the fish by hand. So no tiny and fine fish bones will be found in the paste.

This shack has seen better days and I can imagine the heat from the noon day and the swirling hot and oily fumes from the 2 oil cauldrons used to fry some of the YTF. I preferred the tables set by the roadside by the many yum-yum shady trees (you can see the trees reflected on the bowl of fish ball in soup, hehe).
YTF is healthy as they are mostly fish, vegetables, tofu and soya skin. Interestingly, Hakka YTF have pork (with some fat) meat to lend a meaty and rough texture. Salted fish powder is mixed in especially for the paste in the white tofu. It enhances the taste like fish sauce would to food it is mixed into. Strong, pungent sea smell and salty.I felt the food here tasted like the home cooked ones. No MSG. Straight forward, stuffed and cooked on the spot either over a pot of boiling water or wok filled with smoking hot oil. The downside of home cooked style will be oily food from the wok. Basically it is the Chinese tradition and also hospitality to use lots of oil. Even up to not too long ago, the elders will complain if there is insufficient oil in the food served. There are also some Hakka pork and curry dishes available but we did not ordered it. Available as per self-service menu sheet.

Address: Lorong Peel, Off Jalan Peel. Shop opposite Police Station (moved but buildings still around). For map KampungboyCitygirl has a good one.

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Ciki said...

i love hakka ytf! feels like value for money when you bite into that massive hunk of meat.. however, ytf not healthy la.. so much frying and oil, no? hehe

Food For Tots said...

Haven't been eating Ampang YTF for avery long time. The YTF in the stall look so good. ;)

Selba said...

I'm not so familiar with hakka food... looks tempting though :)

Little Inbox said...

I just had my Kampar Fish Jelly yesterday afternoon. Hmm...but look at the pot of oil, must be oxidized already.

worldwindows said...

CampC... Wish it was olive oil they used but then it stand the heat. Usually I like to pass the brinjals other fried stuff over the soup to wash away the oil.

F4T... It was a treat and cheap and healthy.

Selba... If you like steam fresh fish this is good.

LI... Wish stuff taste as good without using oil....