Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tortillas and Salsa Dip

When it comes to preparing food my son works through inspiration. No recipes. Unstructured. He just canters along and makes adjustment when he feels like it.

From his own words as he worked and with me watching from the sidelines. He told me he is making the salsa that would be chunky, smoky (BBQ sauce), creamy (avocado), sourish (lime and tomato), salty (tortillas) and hot (pepper and Tabasco).

The ingredients:
2 juicy lime
Half of a large Australian red onion
2 medium tomatoes
Half of a Australian avocado
To taste:
Black pepper
BBQ Sauce (Smoky)
Tabasco sauce
Olive oilCut all the ingredients in small chunky pieces. Mix well or blend if desired. Squeeze the lime juice and add the sauces, oil and pepper to your own taste.
Tomatoes and Lime
Onion addedAvocado addedKraft's Tortilla (No MSG and food additives)


Little Inbox said...

He is creative! :)

worldwindows said...

He is 14 this week! and yes creative.

550ml jar of faith said...

Avocado! I LOVE this fruit - it is the food for gods!

worldwindows said...

550mlJoF... Indeed, avocado smoothies are even more awesome!