Friday, November 14, 2008

Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant - Tebrau City

This magnificent complex is huge and spacious and tenanted by a mix array of businesses. It is even bigger and better than IOI Puchong. Tebrau City is like a happening place for upward mobile young families. They have the purchasing power and most all the propensity to spend.

The three of us shared some plates as well as ordered a bowl of noodles each. Total costs: RM124.

Grilled Dried Cuttlefish - Taste is subtly balanced between the sweet and the savoury. The smell of the cuttlefish is out of this world. Reminds me of Gurney Drive but this is of a much higher class. Eat quickly before it cools downa nd becomes chewy.
Cod in teriyaki sauce. The sauce enhances the understated taste and color of this fillet. Excellent.Mango and salmon sushi! Good combination as the sweet mango slices takes away the fishy smell of the salmon.Beef noodles - it's a big bowl. More than enough to fill up every gap in the tummy.

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