Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little Penang Cafe - Curve

My family is a study in contradictions as far as food is concerned. I like the subtle taste. My wife from Penang likes all things spicy. My son is a western celup.

Deciding to lepak a bit we went to Ikano to walk and later for food. However and underpass connecting Ikano to the Curve conveniently took us to their food street. The teenage 'emperor'
decided for us and we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. At 8:45pm it was full! Good sign, but the young man decided not to wait for the expected 20 mins.

So we ended up in Little Penang Cafe, one with a grumpy face, another very happy but as for me I am relief that I will spent less than half of what would be in Bubba Gump Shrimp.
Trying to duplicate some of the Penang KopiTiam ambience
The pricing here is a third higher than the usual KopiTiam but the food is of bigger portions. The Prawn Noodles for example comes in a big bowl, almost double that from the KopiTiam. The Fried Rice, Char Koay Tiaw and Cendol were not worth the price, though the 3 shrimps are big. The Ju Hu Char was a sold out. Made from radish and dried squid it is my wife comfort food.
Char Koay Tiaw RM9.90 - Not worth the price, ordinary taste. Part of the money goes to the ambience.

Fish balls makes me happy. This is very good. Fresh, most importantly smelt fresh, springy and worth the price. RM4.00. Very big portion. Shrimps are good and big but chicken strips are not fresh and tough. Taste average. RM9.80.Ordinary and very!! not worth the price. RM9.80.Earl Grey? My western teenager! RM5.00.Dessert for my sweet tooth. Good and rich! RM4.50. Not worth the price.
Taxes: Service - 10% and Gov - 5%
Photos: Nokia E90


Tummythoz said...

One posing with hawkers on d streets of Pakistan, next in an air-cond mall. U sure zip around huh.

worldwindows said...

Tummythoz...I used to spent 31/2 - 4 months a year overseas...Slow down this year so that I can focus on others things in life.