Friday, November 28, 2008

The Steamboat Ketam Village, Waterfront Desa Parkcity

I love a good steamboat during the rainy season. And having it with my son at the leisurely Waterfront with a great garden and lots of space was a great bonus. For me having steamboat is a deliberate attempt to slow the eating process for some meaningful talk and hearing each other. Very relaxing time for us. Al fresco was our initial plan as it was breezy and the lookout to the garden was great. However, when the food came so were the flies forcing us to move indoors.
Great Ambiance and Spacious
Each have their individual induction plate as well as their bowl of soup. This did not encourage the communal meal where the soup pot was divided into 2 halves for 2 different types of soup. The individual has a choice of either curry or clear soup. Adding another portion of soup will cost RM2.00!

We took the Golden Combo Set (RM49.80) and a Century Egg tray (RM1.90) for side dish. The fish paste was served in a about 7 inches plastic bamboo stick with a spatula to divide the paste at leisure and dropping it into the pot. Exquisite taste of fish and ground to nice consistency. I dare say this is the best 'yee wat' I have eaten. Then there were these huge mussel without the muddy smell. Great taste too. Overall a very satisfying and healthy meal.
Curry soup - Great tasting curry but differentiated from the curry noodles type and is less creamy and lighter on the spices.
Clear soup - Subtle and tasty. Superior and both soup light on MSG.
The star of the Combo set - Bamboo Fish Paste
The 3 types fish balls and fish noodles were fresh, springy and smooth. Good quality fish.Century Egg with pickled ginger.The chili packed a knockout blow. Very 'hot'. I couldn't stand it and have to stop dipping my items there. The fried onions in oil was great accompaniment for the clear soup.
Restaurant is pork free and beef is served. Staff cutting frozen beef block into slices. Look at the ideal milk cans. I thought it was used for the curry.


Life for Beginners said...

I'd prefer the simple clear soup myself. :)

worldwindows said...

Yes clear soup with a hint of dong quai for me.