Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food in Bandar Sri Damansara (Part 3 of 3)

P/S 26th Oct, 2009 - Miner's had closed shop a few months ago.

The Miner's is around for 2+ years. It is in the Jalan Damar area and alongside the mamak Restaurant Al-Safa. It serves pork free Chinese and Western dishes. The menu is quite extensive. Business here is not exactly great. There is a steady but it has not been able to turn it into a torrent.

I have eaten at this place quite alot and have shot these photos as I feel like it with my Nokia E90. They have 2 dishes that impresses me alot. The Shanghai Noodles in Olive Oil and the Lamb Chop. Drenched in olive oil this particular dish for a moment looks very much like its Italian cousins. The noodles is not al dente like spaghetti where it will kick back when bitten. The Shanghai noodles is firm yet breaks easily in the mouth. The olive oil gives a certain glow and also smoothness when eaten. It just glides into you know where. My noodles was done just nice. It would have gone through the 'cold river' treatment. The chicken toppings is done slightly salty to accompany the noodles.
The Lamb Chop (no pictures) is sliced thin and the minimalist cooking sealed the juices and retain the whatever taste a lamp chop should be. It is slightly chewy and the action of chewing brings the taste to the fore.
Chicken in Salted Eggs Sauce - The eggs has hardened and turned itself into fine granules. It feels sandy but the taste is good. I think the price ic RM6.90.
The mushroom soup is thick but is not cheap. I think the price ic RM6.00.Roast Chicken. The piece may be in the freezer for a while. Taste. Bland. No sauces. I think the price is RM6.00. Roast Lamb. No sauces also. Taste - average. Chewy. I think the price is RM16.00.Average tasting Fish and Chips. I think the price is RM12.00..


Kenny Mah said...

Sadly, RM6.00 for a small bowl of mushroom soup seems to be "acceptable" these days. Ah for the old days... :P

Tummythoz said...

Looks like Bandar Sri Damansara prices are still good. Pity I don't stay around that area. =,(

worldwindows said...

LfB... Sigh ... Cheap is still expensive in these tumultuous times.

TT ... Still there is the bright side. Coffee shop prices are generally cheaper than PJ.

minchow said...

Ooh that chicken in salty egg sauce has got my senses tingling! That's not common at all!

worldwindows said...

550mlJoF.. Its their signature dish. Of course now salty eggs is used to prepared crabs, shrimps and even calamari. Its yummy if one can overlook the cholesterol and sodium.