Thursday, November 27, 2008

Charcoal Fired Hokkien Mee, Genting Klang

Sparks flying (above). After the sparks the dance began (below).
Simple pleasures bring great comfort to the soul esp. after a rainy day. One of it, is the Hokkien Mee done the traditional way. Charcoal fired with sparks flying. Indication of a great meal to come.

I like my Hokkien Mee fried with lard in a thick cast iron wok over charcoal fire. In addition, generous loads of the crispy lard pieces that make the meal memorable. Then there is the thick dark soya sauce that gives the colour and leaves an ever so slight bitter aftertaste in my mouth. The sauce should be thick enough to cling for dear life on the noodles so that the I can have a full taste. I hated it when lots of the sauce were left behind in a watery puddle on the plate after the noodles are gone. Bad cooking.

A reminder. Be prepared to wait. Sorry no other stalls nearby to order appetizer!

Prices: RM4.00 per serving/head. Open at night.
Location: From TAR College drive along Jalan Genting Klang towards Air Panas traffic lights T-Junction. Pass the junction and you can see the coffeeshop right ahead on your left.

Full-bodied Hokkien Mee. Enjoy!!
Close-up. Kon Char Hor


Tummythoz said...

Now that brought back my eons ago party nites memories. A good supper place.

Life for Beginners said...

Only RM4.00??? Where on earth can one get Hokkien Mee at that price these days? Well, Genting Klang, I know, but ya get what I mean. :P

Cheap, man.

CUMI & CIKI said...

FOUR BUCKS is really good!!! what's the catch? is the portion small?

worldwindows said...

TT... Yes I lived nearby eons ago too;-)

LforB... Per head friend, ordered a plate for 3 at RM12.00. I just do simple math that RM4.00 per head.

CampC... The portion is acceptable for supper not dinner, that's the catch!

Little Inbox said...

Hmmm...lard is always got its magic power to enhance the flavor to dishes. No doubt.