Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seri Penang, Ikano

PS - Had since closed down. Updated May 2011.

There isn't much to eat at Ikano. Curve does better in this respect. We were walking aimlessly until my Penang-born wife called the shots and then we found ourselves inside Seri Penang. It is a comfy place next to IKEA.
Char Koay Tiaw - Small portion. RM9.90.
Char Mee Suah - Average, no wok-hei. RM8.90Curry Bee Hoon - Insipid and lacking inspiration. RM9.90
Another blog on Penang food after my write on Little Penang Cafe! Sigh.... The food were ordered were the hawker style ones and there is nothing to shout about. Another sigh.... Drinks were very heavy on the sugar. The Char Koay Tiaw is absymal in size while the Char Mee Suah is decent. The Cendol disappointing. The curry laksa insipid.
Chendol - Flat and disappointing - RM5.90
Sprite Ribena - Too sweet. RM5.90
The only redeeming item is the Salted Fish Vege Curry. presented with a triangular and deep bowl it has lots of vege and the curry was superb. I think it should be the curry and vege they use for their signature curry fish head. But at RM48.90 per order the price is pretty steep. However, I may try it again if I am dropping by.
Salted Fish Vege Curry - Value for money and superb dish. RM12.90.
Curry Fish Head - Must try next outing but the price bites hard on the wallet. RM48.90


CUMI & CIKI said...

wow.. what is it with small char quay teow portions these days? just read a masak masak post on the minute dish. seri penang ikano .. hm... must give it a try soon! :)

worldwindows said...

Hope this is not policy! The Char Mee Suah size is almost double that of the CKT. Blame it on the cook's judgment.

Life for Beginners said...

I didn't realize Penang prices have gone up by so much... but I guess it's been awhile since I've been to the island... :P