Thursday, November 13, 2008

Macau Express, Tebrau City, J.B.

As far as I know this is the only joint (Jusco Tebrau City) in Malaysia. It originated from Singapore. I stand corrected here. Possibly an entrepreneur trying out the food franchise business. It's website is 'under construction'.

Anyway I was piqued by its name and also its Portuguese heritage. However, I just need some food to fill up my stomach after the early morning flight in. So I did not really experiment with the bigger food portions. Esp. interesting is the Portuguese Baked Half Chicken and its milk pudding. I really like this 'tong sui' when I have it in Macau 4 years ago.

So something 'small' for me. Toast with Peanut Butter with Banana toppings (RM3.80) and Watercress and dates drink (RM2.80). The toast is average and the drink, frankly flat.Other post: Foodpoi

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