Thursday, November 20, 2008

Restoran Popular City Tai Chow, PJS 9/5 Sunway

This is another hidden coffee shop with 'tai chow'. Unpretentious. Reasonable and at times cheap prices for a satisfying meal. This eatery has been around even before the existence of the LDP.

It is situated next to the LDP and along the same road and side of the Sunway Hospital. If one is coming from the Sunway Hospital side, drive towards the LDP and take the last left turn before the LDP. The shop is a corner lot and faces the surau.

The costs for this meal is RM125 for 9 adults and 2 school going children.
A big pot of Curry Fish Head. Fresh fish head.
Pork Ribs. Interesting they use a mix of tapioca flour for the batter. Make it chewy and inetersting rather than the crunchy run of the mill ones.
Eleven 'Hor Pau' eggs. One each.Claypot Chinese-style tofu.LettuceKangkung


Life for Beginners said...

That's cheap for 11 people, no? :)

550ml jar of faith said...

Whee! I've not seen eggs ordered that way for a long time! I remember being overjoyed as a kid, every time this arrived at a table during a family dinner. So simple, yet so so fulfilling!

ling239 said...

the curry fish head looks more like assam to me, maybe it is not very red...^_^

CUMI & CIKI said...

now that's what we are talking about! value for monies:)

worldwindows said...

LfB... it is cheap esp. with curry fish head and pork ribs and big portion too :-)

550mljof... leap for joy, same with me.

ling239... good observation, maybe Chinese style. Indian curry fish head is very reddd!!

campc... the birds are singing in the air, cheepy, cheepy, cheap, cheap!