Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pan Heong, Batu Caves

Address: 2, Jln Medan Batu Caves 2. Tel: 0361877430

There is something about this porridge and noodles haven. It attracts all and sundry. But drop by before noon or better still at 11:30am. I got to have a feel of clientele, have an unhurried lunch/brunch and not be too boxed in. Young families with children in tow, camera toting tourists and the working class. I guess the food is too good. My intention is to get my son to experience some of these old brands during the holidays to give him some roots in the working class Chinese cuisine though the price may not be working class rate now.
Airy and clean with an annexe.
Comfy. Must be regular local resident.
We ordered Frog Porridge (min. order 2 pax) at RM15.50 and a fried wet noodles (mamak style) at RM5.20. The waitresses discouraged us from ordering San Har Mein as it has a minimum order of 2 pax. Masak-masak ordered one plate for RM36 more than a year ago. Precious Pea also blogged on this in Nov 2007.

The porridge is above average but not enough to send us to the skies. The portion was big and the frog legs were meaty but I could not say for the skinny body.
The noodles were delicious but the price was not. At RM5.20 a small plate with some pork pieces it was not worth it.


Tummythoz said...

U didn't do the sang-har meen?!!!

Myself have not been there for the longest time & thot I can relive the taste through you. *sigh*

worldwindows said...

Ya lor, felt very disappointed after I left at not ordering the sang har meen. My son complain too. Bad decision. Maybe this weekend I will bring my wife. Good excuse to go again.

CUMI & CIKI said...

wa, too much man.. talk about taking advantage... for what it is... way too expensive!

Life for Beginners said...

Hehe, always a good excuse to go again... But it is really expensive lah.

worldwindows said...

CampC... Max I pay is RM4.00 for the plate of mamak-style fried noodles devoid of wok kei.

LfB... Expensive esp. the Sang Har Meen. A good treat though.