Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Parkview Chinese Cuisine, Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, Kepong

PS - Had since closed. Updated May 2011.

It has been a month since we visited a proper Chinese restaurant. The last was Overseas Restaurant in Jaya One. So we decided to pay a visited to Desa Parkcity's Waterfront. The Parkview Chinese Cuisine is located in the first floor. It is spacious though average in size.

The interiors and the furniture and fittings are slightly above average. Tablecloth is of good hotel standard. The tableware is functional with a hint of style. All their plates, bowls, and accessories are in white ceramic. Mercifully there was no low-class melamine wares.

With this warning, you will know what's coming! Pay a premium. However, I must say the food has a touch of class, well presented and the service was attentive.

Total bill: RM195 with the usual rice, pot of tea and a soft drink.
Service Tax: 10%
Gov. Tax: Nil

Pickled Papaya - Too acidic. Should be a bit sweet and a hint of chili will be nice.
Fatt Tieu Cheong. We ordered only one as we are not sure of the quality. A bowl for one at RM38. Aromatic and the taste is subtle as soup should be. Dried scallop, a small cut of abalone, black chicken, pork, chicken feet and herbs. Quite enjoyed it.
Another soup! Spinach in soup. I would say this is the best I have so far. The chef managed to balance the components. Normal, salted and century eggs inside. RM25.
The usual pork dish. The meat is slightly chewy with good sauces. That's the way I like it. RM20. Good price.
Live Mantis Prawn in cheese and garlic. Due to moderate size the meat is not enough to go round for the 3 of us. RM80. Expensive.

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