Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yee Fatt Curry Noodles - Ipoh

The focus of this trip to Ipoh was two folds. Visiting home and also fellowship with primary and secondary schools friends. One of them was back from New York and missing the curry noodles action. We hit Yee Fatt in the early morning. It rained before dawn and was raining even as we arrived. It was a slight inconvenience but we were spared of the crowd on a Saturday prime time. Yee Fatt has only one stall and it's curry noodles. So sit and relax and the noodles will come eventually.

Hmm... I must admit it was a first for me over here as I have other preferences. This is the Ipohan or local haunt as the other famous one was pretty expensive esp with side orders that can run into RM20+ per pax.

The taste here is as usual without the rich creamy taste from santan or milk? It's Ipoh style. The curry is just a pot of ground spices put together. It packed a strong wallop and the smell and taste were a feast. However, it was a bit too oily. I would prefer they held the oil back. Despite this, I was a happy man until the local culinary expert suggested another better place to go. Unplug and of the beaten track. This shop is 50 years old. This shop is called Poh Heng and it will be featured in the next post.

I went for my 2nd round, the dry curry noodles were amazing. Thick gravy, ladened with very aromatic spices, mint leaves lent an enhanced taste to the palate. And the roast pork was succulent and delectable!

Pictures 2nd round below:

First round:

39, Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

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